Renovation Bucket List

Pre-Baby Renovations
Impending Renovations

1. New windows throughout house.
2. New furnace.
3. Fix drywall in living room and re-paint after window installation.
4. Move washer/dryer downstairs.
5. Complete overhaul of bathroom including expansion.
6. New well and water system.
7. Remove closet and extra door from spare room. Fix drywall and repaint to create play room.
8. Fix drywall and repaint stairway after removing window.
9. Insulate attic and crawl spaces.
10. Completely remove and replace drywall upstairs to add vapour barrier.  Re-paint master bedroom and nursery.
11. Build walk-in closet off of master bedroom.
12. Install laminate flooring in nursery.
13. Drywall and paint office (formerly laundry room).
14. Re-finish hardwood floors in office.

As Time/Money Permits

1. Replace shingles.
2. Insulate exterior of house and add siding.
3. Add weeping tile to basement.
4. Build deck.
5. Re-build insulated mud room.
6. Complete overhaul of kitchen.

Long Term

1. Addition.  This will likely happen once we pay off our mortgage.  The size of our addition will be completely dependent on our family situation.

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