The Cast

Hi. I am Karyn. Welcome to my online home!

 I am a wife to Ryan and a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby-wearing mother to Carter. I am a Dietitian by training, but these days spend my maternity leave at home with my guys.

I am a Type A personality.  I am passionate about everything that is important to me or worth my time.  I am an organizer, a list maker and a not-so-extreme couponer.

I love chocolate, being warm, popcorn, disinfecting, baking, photography, online shopping and everything family related.

I live on an acreage near a small rural community, and look forward to the days that I can raise my children to be tree climbing, bike riding, fort building, bug catching, adult respecting people, just as I was raised.

Ryan is my husband.  The original love of my life.  He is the most amazing father to Carter.  He is a jack of all trades-a fixer-upper, a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, a chocolate chip cookie baker, a computer technician, a grass mower, a mechanic and a courier.  He loves everything manly-fishing, hunting, quadding, sports, big screen TVs and beer. I look forward to the days when he can pass this all on to Carter (except the beer part).

Carter is the newest love of my life. He is the handsome little guy that sprung into our lives in May of 2012, and stole our hearts forever.  He is stubborn and loud when he has to be. He likes co-sleeping, breastfeeding, bath time, pat-a-cake and being rocked.  He hates being swaddled, getting his diaper changed and vitamin D.

This blog is just a little look into my brain and my life on a day to day basis.  Come on in, take a look around and leave a comment (I really like comments!).  Happy reading!