30 by 30

When I turned 26, I realized that I was on the downward slope to 30.  So, I created this list to keep track of all of the things that I would like to do before I turn 30.
  1. Go to church on Sunday.
  2. Have a child.
  3. Be debt free, except for the mortgage.
  4. Have a 6-9 month emergency fund.
  5. Have our renovations completed.
  6. Make a will.
  7. Become educated in photography.
  8. Have a hobby career that makes enough money to allow me to work only part time.
  9. See every province and territory in Canada.
  10. Read Ryan's note in the cave.
  11. Make money off of my blog.
  12. Attend blog conference such as BlogHer.
  13. Photograph a wedding.
  14. Sing karaoke solo.
  15. Have a vintage picture of Ryan and I.
  16. Hike the Chilkoot trail.
  17. Help a stranger in need.
  18. Go on a Honeymoon.
  19. Do a boudoir photo shoot.
  20. Get a library membership.
  21. Implement an exercise routine.
  22. Master my cupcake recipe.
  23. Get my FAC/PAL.
  24. See Taylor Swift.
  25. Have Breakfast in Bed at a hotel.
  26. Re-teach myself to sew.
  27. Learn to drive standard (and be good enough to do it alone!)
  28. Attend a horse race.
  29. Donate blood.

More to come...