Monday, March 25, 2013

10 months

Another month completely gone.  February was short to begin with, but time sure flies when you are chasing around a baby that is now walking!
To say that you keep us busy is an understatement.  From tripping over pot lids, Tupperware and toys that you decorate the kitchen with, to fishing random objects out of the tub when you decide that they need to take a shower with mommy, to constantly trying to relocate socks and shoes-you keep us on our toes.  Your favourite activities are peek-a-boo (which you insist we play over and over and over again) as well as being chased around the living room.  I wish that I could bottle your giggles and savour them forever.
You never cease to amaze us at how you develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually.  You reach milestones and exceed norms all on your own.  You have learned words that we have never taught you.  You have developed personality traits that must be inherent.  
And with all this growth, you still remain my baby.  You continue to give cuddles, kisses and simply just melt my heart.  I love you little man!

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  1. EEEEKKKK! Our sweet "babies" are getting so big.