Saturday, January 26, 2013

8 months

A new year and another month older, baby boy.  You are growing way too quickly, but with each passing month comes new milestones and lots more fun.
This month was filled with excitement as we celebrated our first Christmas together as a family of three.  You discovered wrapping paper and new toys and renewed the sense of youthfulness in us all.
Aside from the festivities, I am now having a hard time keeping up to you as you are crawling like crazy and scaling everything.  It won't be long until you take off running.  With a new perspective on the world, you have discovered new curiosities.  It is safe to say that we now have to baby-proof everything!  Your favourite fascinations are the toilet and cupboard doors and drawers.
You continue to challenge both me an your daddy with your sleep routine.  We have been trying very hard to get you to sleep in your crib, but you clearly have other ideas.  You are perfectly content snuggled in between us both all night long.  We, on the other hand are feeling quite crowded with your flailing limbs and constant reliance on your own "all night buffet".
This month your smile grew a little brighter with the addition of three more teeth.  It's safe to say that that smile of yours is quite contagious now!
Two thirds of a year old, your first birthday is slowly creeping in on us.  When we look back, it seems like just yesterday that I held my new baby boy in my arms, but it also seems like you have been a part of us forever.  Needless to say, you are ours for keeps!