Wednesday, December 19, 2012

7 months

The months fly by and you continue to grow.  Sometimes I put you down for a nap and swear you are bigger when you awake.
This week, tragedy has reminded us how precious you are and how lucky we are to watch you grow.  Your every action makes me smile.  You have taught yourself how to move, and although you haven't yet mastered crawling, the army crawl works just fine.  You are constantly tugging at my legs, trying to pull yourself up.  You are a talking machine, blabbing "Up", "Ma Ma" and "Baa Baa", which we are pretty sure means "Dada".  We can't be sure that your words have taken meaning yet, but you always seem to choose the right word at the correct time.  Genius, perhaps?
You are now eating a good variety of "solid" foods.  And oranges, how you love those oranges.  You would eat mandarin oranges for every meal if we allowed it.  We can't feed them to you quickly enough!
The biggest change that we have seen this month, though, is in your social skills.  Where for the last 6 months, you were perfectly content with only your mom, this month we have watched you get excited to see your dad come home from work, squealing and grabbing for him to pick you up.  You have also gained confidence with others as well, and if one catches you at the right time, you may even reach out for them to hold you!
Five months shy of a year, I constantly ponder where the time has gone!

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  1. The last one kills me. I don't know why I love a picture of a crying baby.