Monday, November 19, 2012

6 months

Half a year-where has the time gone?  You are now 6 months old and full of personality.  You do so many things that make us smile and laugh. You smack your lips, laugh out loud, scream at the top of your lungs, chew on your toes and reach for absolutely everything!  You are such a curious little boy.  You love to touch and taste everything around you.  Your favourites are the remote control and mommy and daddy's cell phones. 
This month, you have learned to sit up on your own.  You are threatening to crawl every day, and have mastered the art of going around in circles and "leaping" at something that catches your eye from a sitting position.  You went swimming for your first time and loved it.  
You have started on solid foods, and love it when you have the opportunity to feed yourself!  Your favourites so far are bananas, mangoes and carrots.
We have to be especially quiet when you are eating, because you would MUCH rather see everything that is going on around you!  You pay close attention to ensure that your mom is always near, and I must admit, that we both might have a bit of separation anxiety!  
We are seeing so much of ourselves in you-from your daddy's temper, to your mommy's ability to always get your way!  We love to imagine the boy that you are becoming!

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