Monday, September 10, 2012

Against the Grain

It is pretty common knowledge that cloth diapering is not the most popular choice in diapering.  The vast majority of people these days choose to use disposable diapers.
Lately, I have been wondering whether those who choose to go against the grain and use cloth diapers have anything in common.  I know only a handful parents who cloth diaper in real life, and besides being of a socioeconomic status that allows them to make a large purchase upfront, I cannot seem to draw a lot of similarities between these parents.
I do have my own theories.  I hypothesize that cloth diaper users are probably frugal or green in other aspects of their lives.  I would guess that cloth diapering is more popular amongst rural people than city dwellers.  I would also guess that the majority of people that use cloth diapers are in relationships, and are not single parents.
There really isn't any way that I can prove or disprove any of my theories from a statistical standpoint, however, I was excited when I was pointed towards the results of the 1st Annual Cloth Diapering Pulse Survey by cloth diaperretailer,  In 2011, this company conducted a 34 question survey on various characteristics of cloth diaper users.  Although this was a voluntary survey, they recieved 500 respondents, which I think is a good number to be able to make some generalizations.  Below are a few of the conclusions that were drawn.

Conclusions for which in agreement with:

  •   Cloth Diapering Moms are Avid Users: The majority of respondents (79%) said they only use cloth diapers and never/rarely use disposables.
  •   Round the Clock: The majority of cloth diaper users (78%) use cloth diaper “all the time or round the clock."
      A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned. Not surprisingly, the number one reason families chose to cloth diaper is to “save money” (52%) followed by “being more eco-friendly” and “health of baby.”
      Decision Come Easy. Sixty percent (60%) of respondents indicated that they decided to cloth diaper either before they were pregnant or during their pregnancy. 
      We Are Family. Cloth diapering families share similar traits. They breastfeed (93%), babywear (85%), recycle (76%), make their own baby food (71%) and co-sleep (64%).
      bumGenius Takes the Cake: The most popular cloth diaper brand is bumGenius (26%). FuzziBunz is the second most popular brand (15%). Beyond that, few diapers rallied a large enough percentage of fans to mention by name.  
      Variety. Fifty percent (50%) said they own four or more brands of cloth diapers, while 29% indicated they own 2-3 different brands and 21% own primarily one brand. 
      Diaper Hoarders. Forty-four percent (44%) own 31 or more cloth diapers even though most manufacturers recommend a user only needs about 20. 

Conclusions for which I am a minority:

  Bragging Husbands. A near majority (49%) said their significant other “loves cloth diapering” and 42% of significant others actually “brag about cloth diapering to family and friends!” 
  Pockets Rule. The majority of users (50%) indicated a preference for pocket-style diapers over any other style. 
 Two Snaps Up! An overwhelming majority (74%) said that snap was their closure of choice, only 24% preferred hook and loop (Velcro-like) diapers.
Do any of these statements surprise you?

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  1. Bragging husbands...that really surprises me! My husband didn't mind it but I can honestly say I never heard him bragging about rolling poop off a diaper into a toilet! In fact, I can't say I recall my husband ever talking about diapers to anyone else...disposable or cloth.