Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4 months

Four months.  Where is the time going?  It seems like yesterday that I was bringing home a tiny little boy on a cool spring day, and now an entire season has passed!
What a month it has been, little man.  You have developed so much over the past 31 days.  You have really discovered your hands, and are grabbing at everything!  You can now grasp your toys and have discovered a few favourites.  You are constantly feeling mommy and daddy's faces, shoving your hands in our mouths, and pulling at goatees and glasses.  What fun!  You have rolled from your stomach to your back a few times, and although you still haven't quite figured it out, I know you will be moving before we know it!  You are also growing to love story time, and cry whenever it must come to an end.  Then there is the noise.  How can I describe the noise?  You have discovered a "new" voice that is like a throaty shriek.  You fill all empty spaces with this noise, and although there are some days that it sounds like nails on a chalkboard, it makes mommy smile to see how happy you are.
You continue to grow at a crazy pace.  You are now a whopping 15lbs and 4 oz (over double the size that you were at birth)!  You have also popped your first two teeth, which I am sure will add much to your contagious smile!
Alas, it all can't be rainbows and butterflies.  You continue to challenge us daily with your sleep routine.  You have decided that the only place to sleep is with mommy and daddy, and have abandoned your crib completely.  Oh well, I'll hang on to every little moment that I can spend with my little man, as these days won't last forever!

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