Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Carter and I are going to a baby shower tomorrow for a university friend who just had a little girl.  This will be my first interaction with another baby since Carter was born.  I am sure he will seem like a giant after that!
  • I went grocery shopping this week, but accidentally forgot to put the list of items for my meal plan on my list.  We live 30 minutes from the closest store, so instead of going back, it has been a week of winging it.
  • I am trying to clean out my deep freezers and plan meals around what we already have in our freezer.
  • I have been struggling to try and find a cloth diaper that we love for the next "stage" of diapering (Carter's current diapers are only sized to 16 lbs).  I haven't come across anything that we like as much, but the type that we are currently using are discontinued.  This week I found a stash of 80 gently used diapers of the type we love, but in the two larger sizes on Kijiji.  I am just waiting for a shipping quote, but am pretty sure that I am going to buy them as they are a great price.
  • I fear that today was the last day that I will receive a "top up" cheque from my employer :(.
  • Our property taxes are due in October.  I am really thinking we should set up a separate account for these so it isn't such a big blow, but that would mean that I have 9 separate accounts for different types of savings.
  • I am looking to get some professional family pictures in October.  I can't wait to have a picture of our little man to put on display.
  • This weekend is our 2nd Anniversary.  Man time flies!
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  1. Happy Anniversary! We are also looking to get some photos done this fall. I think we're just going to do the kids though because I'm difficult like that about having my picture taken.