Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-Over a Month in Review

  • Being displaced from our home for an entire month feels like the summer has slipped away on us.  At least we had the opportunity to do some road tripping to Saskatoon, Brandon and Winnipeg.
  • Since returning home, I feel like I cannot catch up on all that has to be done-house cleaning, paperwork, canning, etc.  The list goes on.
  • This week, I canned 4 jars of dill pickles, 5 jars of peaches, 10 jars of sweet pickles and 32 jars of crab apple sauce.
  • We have flights booked to Ontario for Ryan's holidays in October.  This will be Carter's first flight and our first "long" trip from home.  I am thinking I will have to cave and use disposable diapers.
  • We finally picked up a good used "overflow fridge" for our basement.  It was for sale at a local furniture shop for $75, but we got it for $50 since it needed to be cleaned.  Who trades in a fridge and doesn't clean it first?
  • Our dryer is on the fritz.  I think that the bearings are shot because our clothes are coming out with black grease stains.  Yes, this was my own diagnosis, only to be confirmed by Ryan.  We have a used dryer lined up that we should be able to pick up on Monday.
  • For the sake of time management, I have done some major blog roll and Facebook thinning.  I decided that if I were to run into you at the grocery store and "hide" in the next aisle, we don't need to be Facebook friends.  
  • Finally *fingers crossed*, we are getting our new well trenched in.  The back hoe is in our yard so it better happen!
  • I am addicted to Bachelor Pad.  I would love to see Rachel win.
  • I have purchased Eye-Fi cards for each of my cameras as a solution to keeping all of my photos organized. They automatically upload onto one folder on my computer.  Now I just have to keep on top of editing and organizing them into folders.
  • I got new sunglasses this week.  I love them.  Ryan doesn't.  
  • The crickets this year are nuts.  Every time I open the door, one gets in the house.  They are driving me crazy.
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  1. Oh Bachelor Pad, I love that show. I swear I am addicted to all things reality TV. I suck.