Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favorite Things-3 months

1. Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets.
These were originally on our must-have list as they came highly recommended by friends.  Auntie Kaley bought us our first one, and we have since ordered 2 more (in Camo print) to add to our collection.  What makes them so great you ask...They are nice and light for summer, large enough to use as a nursing cover-up and super cute.
2. BOB Revolution SE Stroller.
We initially knew that if we were going to get a stroller, this would be the one.  We couldn't stomach spending upwards of $500 on a stroller though since we weren't sure how much we would use it. So our family and friends pooled their resources and bought it for us as a shower gift.  We absolutely love it and have used it so much more than we had thought we would already. It rides incredibly smooth, is easy to transport and accommodates our infant car seat. It's also pretty manly, don't you think?
3. Carter's ribbed cotton Onesies & Sleepers.
Gifted to us from a friend, these have become our favourite things to put on our little man.  Super cute, light weight and extra stretchy, these sets can be found at Costco for a reasonable price.

4. The Mommy Hook.
Such a simple concept, but this has come in handy so many times.  It is especially useful for grocery shopping as there is not an excess of room in the carts once you fit a car seat in there.  I use it to hang my reusable shopping bags from the cart handle and also to keep fragile items like eggs from ending up at the bottom of my cart (thanks to our wonderful local grocery packer *snort*).

5. Nuk Pacifiers.
I originally said that I was going to avoid pacifiers at all costs, but truthfully,  it is much easier to shove one of these in your kid's face than listen to him scream non-stop every time you take him out in public.  At this stage, the Nuk Pacifiers seem to be the ones that he takes best, and lo and behold they come in Camo!  (Ryan is obsessed with Camo BTW).  
6. Fisher Price Aquarium Cradle Swing.
Yes, I am eating my own words.  Our friends lent us this swing, and it has truly become a lifesaver.  It is the only way that we can get Carter to fall into a deep enough sleep to go into his crib, and he literally spends hours in it.  (As a disclaimer, I do not like to let him spend hours in it, and try to find other ways to stimulate him-but it really is his favourite!).

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  1. I covet your BOB. We have owned some of the suckiest strollers ever made. I don't know why we never invested properly.