Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 months

I have to say that your third month has been the most interesting yet.  We have spent most of this month away from home as daddy has been working hard to finish off our bathroom renovation.  First, you and I took a road trip to Saskatoon to visit Stacey, Scott and Markus in their new home.  You were a perfect traveller, sleeping through the trips both their and back, and only waking for snacks and diaper changes.
Once we returned from Saskatoon, you, Uncle Braden and I decided to go to Brandon for an overnight trip to visit Auntie Kaley.  Uncle Braden was shocked that you only cried for a total of about 5 minutes throughout the entire two day trip.  If only he knew what you had put us through over the past two months!
Finally, after returning from Brandon, we pretty much moved our whole house and home to Grandma and Papa's farm, where we stayed for close to a month.  Although it was challenging being away from home, it was a great opportunity for you to be spoiled by Grandma, Papa and everyone else that came by.
Over this past month, I have seen so many changes in you.  First off, you are now a whopping 14 lbs!  You are talking up a storm and are becoming increasingly expressive in your speech-if only I knew what you are saying!  You continue to smile whenever you get the slightest bit of attention, and now giggle as well.  Your attention span has improved significantly, and you now enjoy longer bouts of playing with all of your toys-from your exercise mat from Baba, to your Jumperoo from Auntie Amber.    Your favourite "toys", however, are your hands and your blankets, both of which you could chew on for hours!  You continue to love your baths, which have now moved into the regular bath tub due to your ever increasing size and desire to splash!
I am seeing such personality in you, and can't wait to see who you are going to grow into over the next several months.  But for now, just slow down!

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