Thursday, July 5, 2012

Goals Update

It is hard to believe that we are already half way through 2012!  It has been six months since I wrote this post with my goals for the new year.
Honestly, I most often make resolutions for the new year and never look back on them.  However, since this year I set more achievable goals than I ever have, I think that it is important to take inventory and see how I am doing, and focus the next six months on areas that I haven't yet succeeded.
These were my goals that I set in January, along with an update on my progress towards them.


  • Maintain financial ground throughout my maternity leave.  This may mean reducing our contributions to our renovation fund, RRSPs and TFSA, but I do not want to increase our debt load throughout my year off of work.  Well, my maternity leave has barely started, so I can't say that I have achieved this one yet.  This year, we have taken on several renovation projects that have set us back a bit, however, they were for the most part necessary jobs that had to be done, and we saved tons of money having Ryan do the work. As for my maternity leave, I have not yet felt the financial crunch. I am still receiving top-up from my work so I am actually bringing home more than when I was working since I do not have as many deductions or the expense of travelling to work every day.  We have reassessed our contributions to our RRSPs and TFSA, and have re-allocated some money into an RESP for Carter, so I think that this goal will be achievable for the duration of my maternity leave.
  • Continue to coupon and bargain shop in order to save money on all types of purchases made throughout 2012.  Check.
  • Add dusting to my weekly cleaning routine.  I rarely dust my house, and throughout these renovations, I have come across some embarrassingly dusty picture frames, shelves, corners, etc. Check.
  • Maintain a place for all things in my home.  This means not accumulating more "things" than we have room for.  These renovations have definitely turned our house upside down!  I cannot say that everything has a place yet, as we still have not finished all of our spaces to work for us.  These renovations have allowed me to take inventory on the "stuff" that was already in our house, and I have come up with a pretty big collection of items to go to yard sale.  As for not accumulating any more "things", I think that I am doing well, however, it is difficult to tell others that we have no need for more "stuff", and we'll just say that we are blessed to have many generous people in our lives!
  • Take more pictures, and find a way to keep them all organized.  So far, I would get a big fat F in this category.  This is likely the most daunting of most of my goals.  I have not pulled out my DSLR nearly as much as I should have.  The few times that I did pull it out, I was not satisfied with the result of my efforts (yes, I know I am a perfectionist).  I know that I just need to commit and take some bad pictures before I can take better ones, so I am recommitting myself to this goal over the summer.  I have found a "baby photo-a-day" challenge on Pinterest, so will be working my way through that.  I have also gotten a start on organizing my pictures on my computer, however, with pictures dating back to 2004, this is a HUGE task.
  • Take on more DIY projects throughout my house to save money.  On the horizon are sewing projects, along with a couple of baby things that I am working on. I do not know if this is a pass or a fail.  I have taken on a few DIY tasks that have failed miserably.  You may have read about my rag rug.  And that rocking chair that we planned on re-finishing for the nursery-still not done!  I have, however, made good use of my sewing machine-fixing up some clothes that needed it, and I plan on sewing some things for Christmas gifts.  My mat cutter has also come in handy, and has paid itself off several times already with beautiful pictures for all of our freshly renovated rooms.
  • Not lose contact with friends/family far away (as I am incredibly horrible at keeping in touch with people).  I have not lost contact, but have not done a whole lot to maintain it either.  I will likely have to work on this one for years to come.
  • Maintain "alone time" for Ryan and I after Perogy is born.  This one is happening slowly.  I am still not comfortable leaving Carter with anybody else for any period of time, but we are trying to continue to do all of the things that we did pre-baby, now just with a baby in tow.  There are still a few things that we can't do like eating out and going to the movies, however, these are not things that we did on a regular basis before.  I actually feel that our relationship has changed very little since Carter's birth.

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  1. Looks like you're doing pretty well!

    I found when I did take pictures every day, I quickly picked up skills. Even though I gave up on it, I do shoot only in manual now and that was something I never thought I could do.