Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-Fridge Edition

  • Is it just me, or does anybody else think that one fridge is not enough?  We have a standard size fridge along with another small beer fridge.  With just Ryan and I, both fridges are always packed to the brim.  Maybe it is because we shop once a week and make 99% of our food from scratch, but I cannot comprehend how a family would keep all of the food for their entire family in one fridge.  I am seriously considering getting a second full size fridge for our basement just for the "overflow".  
  • Although our new well was drilled a good two months ago, we have still not begun to utilize it because we cannot find anybody to dig a trench to plumb it in.  Ryan is now considering renting and trailering the equipment here, and then digging the trench himself.
  • The mosquitoes are absolutely ridiculous here.  Just going to my car results in multiple bites.
  • I am sad that I have spent very little time outside so far this summer.  I love summer weather-the hotter the better, but unfortunately the newest member of our family takes after his father and hates heat, leaving me inside the over-air-conditioned house much more than I would like.
  • How many computers do you have in your household?  My family of 6 had one computer that we all shared when I was growing up.  More recently, Ryan and I have each had our own laptops, along with our iPhones.  Ryan's laptop has subsequently become de-commissioned, leaving us with one computer to share between the two of us.  We talk frequently about getting another computer or an iPad, but wonder if this is overkill, or just a result of the society we live in today.
  • I recently started using Swagbucks as my default search engine.  In two weeks, I have earned 450 Swagbucks, which equates to a $5 Amazon gift card-pretty good for just searching the net if you ask me.  If you are interested, contact me and I will pass on my referral link so that I can earn what you earn.
  • I am becoming increasingly dependent on  the soother when taking Carter out.  The boy just loves to scream!
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  1. We don't eat any pre-made food and fridge space is tough! We don't even have a beer fridge. I would love an extra in the basement. We have a deep freezer, thank goodness, because I don't know what we'd do without. I'd probably have to shop twice a week, I imagine.

    We only have 1 laptop in our household. We used to have a desktop but never used it so we got rid of it. We each have smart phones and that's it. I think we'd spend less time together if we had more technology but maybe I'm wrong? We don't have TV either so clearly we're not normal. I do want an iPad though!

    I'm interested to hear more about Swagbucks!

  2. Oh I understand the screaming when out. My first never did that, and this one always does!

  3. The technology is ridiculous but I do think it's a sign of the times. We have 2 iphones, 2 ipads, 2 laptops!!!!

  4. We have an overflow fridge and it's still not enough. I don't know how people function with just one fridge.