Friday, July 13, 2012

12 of 12-July

1. Carter hanging out on his exercise mat.
2. What's currently in my candy dish (although much less today :).
3. Carter trying out the "big boy" bathtub.  Up until this point, we have bathed him in the sink, but this boy is growing too quickly and needs more room to stretch out and splash!
4. Cloth diaper Thank You's inspired by Pinterest.
5. Carter's birth announcement in the paper today.
6. Sunning my cloth diapers.  Even after a day in the sun, they still had to be thrown in the dryer.  They are that absorbent.
7. Entrance into our yard.  The flowers in the wheelbarrow are dying from the extreme heat wave over the past weeks.
8. Concrete pad from which we just had three grain bins removed from.  My vision is a summer sitting area, perhaps with a pergola.  I can also see this being used as an outdoor skating rink in the winter in the future. 
9. Quilt that my BFF's sister made for Carter.  I love the colours!  BFF also made a mobile in similar colours, but it isn't hung yet.
10. Remnants of my snack.
11. Shelf that houses our pots and pans.  This shelf has become a catch-all as it is handy right when we come in the door.  I love having the pots open, but hate the clutter.  Any suggestions?
12. I have run out of photo ideas.  Time for bed.

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