Friday, July 20, 2012

100th Post and 100 Random Things about Me

You may not have noticed, but this is my 100th blog post.  Since I love talking about me (that's the purpose of blogging, isn't it?), I would like to share 100 random facts with you about myself.
  1. My biggest fear is tornadoes.  Stupid Wizard of Oz!
  2. I am the middle child of four siblings.  Figure that one out!
  3. I am horrible at keeping in touch with people. I always tell myself that I will call tomorrow. Years have passed without ever picking up the phone.
  4. I screen phone calls.  If I don't recognize the number, I won't answer.  
  5. I love Country Music.  I was once ashamed of this, but not any more!
  6. I love routine.
  7. I am grumpiest when hungry.  My brain has trouble functioning.
  8. I love hard ice cream, chocolate and popcorn.
  9. I have never lost anybody close to me. I worry that I will not be able to handle death if anything were to happen to somebody that I love. 
  10. I am passionate about many things.  I jump into life with both feet.
  11. I am shy.
  12. Once I get to know you, you may have a hard time shutting me up.
  13. I failed first year of university miserably.  I did summer classes and completed my degree in 4 years.
  14. I met my two BFFs in university residence during my first year.  We will be life long friends, I am sure.
  15. I moved around a lot as child.  I lived in a total of 6 homes before leaving home.
  16. My extended family is the most important thing to me.
  17. I have always been daddy's girl.
  18. As I get older, I realize how similar I am to my mom. I also realize that that may not be so bad! 
  19. I have no sense of direction, unless I am in a shopping mall.
  20. I love chick flicks.
  21. I hate organized games and  sports.  
  22. I love to drive. I find it relaxing. Sometimes I am so relaxed that I arrive at my destination and don't even remember how I got there. 
  23. My current home is the second longest I have ever lived in one house.
  24. I hate washing dishes.  I would rather scrub the toilet with my naked hands.
  25. I already worry about retirement and being financially ready.
  26. I plan on retiring at 55.
  27. I drool in my sleep.
  28. I have many dream careers-caterer, baker,photographer, cloth diaper salesperson, etc.
  29. I always drive 10 km/hr over speed limit.
  30. I hate winter.  I seriously hibernate.
  31. I have a squeaky clean driving record.  Knock on wood.
  32. I am always cold.
  33. I hate being barefoot
  34. I have never been outside of Canada/US.
  35. I love being a boy mom.
  36. I hate cats.
  37. We have 2 cats. They live outside.
  38. I only brush my teeth once/day even though I know better.
  39. I shower in the mornings.
  40. I only get my hair cut twice/year.
  41. I have a hard time reading a clock without numbers.
  42. I hate coffee
  43. I love tea with my sugar.
  44. I planned my dream wedding since I was 12 years old.  The day turned out just as planned.
  45. I became a Dietitian because I love food but didn't want to get fat.
  46. I love vegetables and would choose them over many other snack foods.
  47. I live in <800 sq ft home.
  48. My favorite books are the Hunger Games trilogy.
  49. I hate shopping.
  50. I love online shopping.
  51. I have less clothes than Ryan.
  52. I have no desire to win a large lottery.
  53. I was less than cool in high school.  Looking back, this was more my own perception of myself than other's perception of me.  I am way more confident now.
  54. I hate to dance.  I lack coordination.
  55. I cannot work in a messy atmosphere. If I have work to do, you will always find me cleaning first.   I have been told that a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.
  56. I love making lists.
  57. I always way the pros and cons.
  58. I have a firm grasp of the concept of wants vs. needs.
  59. I have no sense of fashion. Even if I had a million dollars I still wouldn't know what to buy. 
  60. I am early to bed, early to rise.
  61. I lack spontaneity.
  62. I embarrass easily.  If you tell me I am red, I will get red.
  63. I find silence awkward.
  64. I love to swim.
  65. I have had the same alarm clock since I was 11 years old.
  66. I have a hard time keeping secrets.  If you tell me it is a secret, I am good, but I have a hard time recognizing it on my own.
  67. I love butter.  I can eat it plain.
  68. I love bacon.
  69. I don't have a favourite colour.
  70. I hate wood ticks.
  71. I love to sing.  I have been told I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.
  72. My nickname growing up was Care Bear.
  73. There were only 25 students in my high school graduating class.  I still have contact with maybe half of them.
  74. My favourite alcoholic beverages are Kahlua and Milk and Pina Coladas.
  75. My favourite non-alcoholic beverages are water (room temperature) and skim milk.
  76. I never hand write.
  77. I still use cheques.
  78. I probably cry every day.  Doesn't matter if it is happy tears, sad tears or frustrated tears. My mom says my bladder is likely too close to my eyes.
  79. I cannot wear shoes with any type of elevation.  I am happy that flats are back in fashion.  I am sad that I still lack fashion sense.
  80. I always have postage stamps on hand.
  81. I am right handed.
  82. I haven't really gotten to know my paternal grandparents until adulthood.
  83. I never wear jewellery besides my rings and a watch.
  84. I can spend hours in Staples.  I am that geeky.
  85. I cannot do my own hair.  It is either straightened or in a ponytail.  You'll never see another style.
  86. I have 6 piercings.
  87. I have no tattoos.
  88. I have only had one boyfriend besides Ryan.  We never really broke up.
  89. I started dating Ryan when I was 19 years old.
  90. My favourite season is summer.
  91. I have never had a broken bone.
  92. I was top of my class academically throughout both elementary and high school.
  93. I haven't bathed in years.
  94. My favourite board game is Clue.  Ryan hates Clue.
  95. I am a pen snob.
  96. My favourite fragrance is peach.
  97. My favourite candy are Fuzzy Peaches.
  98. I count stairs pretty much every time I go up them.
  99. I hate anything carbonated.
  100. I am glad to finally be at 100 :)

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  1. I found myself in a constant state of "me too, nope not me, me too, nope not me..." We'd be the perfect balance of friends!