Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Meal Plan

Again, this week, we didn't get through all of our menu items.  I am thinking that 5 picks/week is too many given our unpredictable lifestyle.
This week we ate out at Ryan's parents one night.  Another night, Ryan requested homemade pizza, so I deviated from my meal plan, and another night we were in town running errands until late afternoon so I ended up just throwing a frozen lasagna in the oven(thank goodness for all of my pre-baby freezer meals)!  Yesterday we had a picnic with friends and family, so I made a big crock pot of pulled pork.
These are the links to the recipes for my lasagna and pulled pork, in case you are interested.  These are both recipes that are tried and tested, and that I have made over and over again.
World's Best Lasagna
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork-only 3 ingredients!

And here is my critique of the two menu items that we did try:

Slow Cooker Jambalaya
I would definitely do this recipe again.  Both Ryan and I loved it.  I am not a huge spice fan, and this wasn't too spicy.  Ryan did add a bit extra cayenne pepper to his along with some parmesan cheese.  This recipe made enough for two meals for the two of us.
Slow Cooker Chicken
Again, I didn't follow this recipe to a T (I rarely do), but I wouldn't likely make it again.  I mis-read the recipe originally and thought that I needed liquid italian salad dressing, so I didn't have any of the powder once it came time to make it.  I used Epicure Greek dressing seasoning instead.  I also used Herb & Garlic cream cheese, because that is all that I had on hand.  This recipe was definitely palatable, however, I just felt that it was nothing special for what went into it-very similar to the good old mushroom soup pork chops, which are about a third of the work.  I may be frugal, but I want something spectacular if I am going to put good wine into it as well!

This week, I will be playing catch-up on my last week (and the week before's) menu plans.  Already, we have an invite out for supper tonight so hopefully we get through them all this week!

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