Monday, June 11, 2012

Bedroom Renovation

In the beginning...
The quick fix.  All we did was added a coat of paint to the walls, and this is how we lived for two years.
Ryan added some electrical outlets,  a new window and smoothed and painted the walls.   This picture shows the paint true to colour, however, with natural light it reflects the burgundy carpet and actually looks lilac in colour.  I love it.  Ryan-not so much.
Close up of trim.  I think that the thick bevel is true to this era of house.
View of bedroom from entrance.
The left door is the entrance.  The right door is our closet (this door was originally wooden, and Ryan painted it white and added trim).
New walk-in closet.  Originally, it was divided in half with entrances to each closet from separate rooms.
Artwork gifted to us from some friends and colleagues when we left the Yukon.
This dresser may look like an eye-sore now, but it is the dresser that I have used since I was a little girl.  My plan is to one day sand it down, stain it a darker colour and add new hardware.
View from our bedroom window.  This is paradise to me.


  1. Who the hell broke the handles off the dresser haha :p

    1. I couldn't remember, but by the sounds of it, you are admitting guilt?

  2. haha- well...if they would just have given me a stool I wouldn't have had to use the handles as steps to get at the lifesavers. And the irony is if I hadn't eaten all those lifesavers, I probably wouldn't have been so chubby and broken the handles haha.