Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-Nursery Renovation

In the beginning.  The room had subsequently evolved into an office, which I do not have pictures of.  The door to the left was my closet.  Ryan had his own closet which faced mine that he entered from the other side (through our room).  The middle door is the entrance to our bedroom.  The door beneath the window is a storage cubby. 

Prior to making this into a nursery, Ryan completely gutted the room, removed the chimney, added vapour barrier and replaced all the drywall.

Chimney gone.  Now a blank slate.
 And the reveal...
1. Looking at the room from the top of the stairway.  Notice new laminate floor and new windows.  Also note that there is no longer a closet opening up behind the dresser.
2. Looking at the room from our bedroom door, towards the stairway.
3. IKEA dresser/change station.
4. Crib
1. IKEA shelf.  Ryan picked out the Scentsy monkey, which makes the room smell great!  Bins contain receiving blankets, burp pads and other miscellaneous items.
2. Pictures that my little sis scrapbooked the week that she found out we were expecting.  I used my exquisite mat cutting skills to mat them.
3. Picture that Ryan's mom bought for the nursery.  Our rocking chair will go under it.  It matches our palette perfectly!
4. New closet doors.  I love how Ryan used our original closet doors and painted them white to keep with the era of the house.
Inside the new closet.  I now have room to store all of our out of season clothes and linens.  This makes me very happy!
There are still a couple of finishing touches to add such as the rocking chair and a cursed rag rug that I literally spent weeks on!  Overall, I think the room turned out better than I could have envisioned!

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