Friday, May 4, 2012

Toilet Trust

About a year ago, a co-worker of mine whose toilet had unexpectedly calved, explained to me the importance of having toilet trust.  This co-worker, who is never short for words, went on about how one has to have 100% trust in their toilet as it is something that you do have quite an intimate relationship with.     Qualities to look for in a toilet included appearance, non-streaking form, minimal noise and a good flush, because, let's face it-nobody wants to be the one to have to double flush.  Although I found it amusing, I never paid much though to this conversation after that day.
Fast forward to the past month or so.  Thinking about our impending bathroom renovation, Ryan mentioned that we should be looking for a new toilet.  Remembering this previous conversation, I resisted, as I knew that our current toilet is one that I had great trust in.  Why change it up and risk a shadier relationship with the new appliance?  Then, as if right on cue, our toilet became the double flush nightmare.  Sometimes it needed multiple flushes.  Then there came the need for plunging.  Toilet paper was enough to plug the darn thing up.
Anyways, I realized that we really did need a new toilet.  So, along with my sister, we went looking for a new toilet.  Ryan was looking for a $99 model, but I wanted something a bit less "discount-ish".  I wanted a toilet that I could trust.  I also found many of the newer energy saving toilets looked silly with their tiny tanks.  The store that we shopped at had all of the display toilets placed on a shelf overhead, which did not allow one to try the toilet out for fit.  The decision was difficult, but I finally decided on the toilet that I wanted.  Still convinced that a $99 toilet would suit our needs, Ryan took a picture of my pick, and said that he would decide when renovation time came.
With the bathroom renovation now upon us, we again returned to this store to pick up our toilet.  As if the previous visit had not even happened, Ryan instructed me to pick out a toilet.  I picked out two that I thought would do the job.  Ryan mumbled about the cost as he again examined the discount models and tried to convince me the small tank looks trendy.  Finally, he pulled out his phone in search for the picture of the original toilet that I had picked.  Turns out it was the same model that I had picked on this given day, and was the lower cost option between my two choices.  A happy medium!  So we packed up the toilet, made the transaction and left the store.
As we walked out of the store, pushing the new toilet to our vehicle, a young, slightly larger gentleman comes up to us and enthusiastically states "That's a great toilet!  You will be very happy with it!  It won't let you down!"  And so began the new toilet trust-for both me and Ryan!

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  1. That is a really funny story!

    And yes, so important! We bought this house 2 years ago and since it's relatively new (3 years old), it has the newer supposedly more energy efficient models. What's efficient about having to double flush everything? I'm sure we must be using more water by flushing so many times than if we had a bigger tank and flushed once!

    I hope you and your new toilet have many fantastic years together! :)