Monday, May 21, 2012

Things That I Have Learned in the Past 3 Days

  • No amount of preparation could truly prepare me for some things in life.
  • I can do things that I never thought I could do if I really have to.
  • I can experience love greater than I have ever experienced before-both for this new love of my life and for the one I already have.
  • Meconium poop is really sticky and abundant for the first day.
  • Night two is something to be warned of.  I wasn't prepared.
  • All of those warnings that I laughed at prior to being a mom are now really scary thoughts when they may be speaking to you. Paranoid? Yes, but my baby will not sleep with a blanket.
  • Sleepless nights are easier to bare when they are for above mentioned love of your life #2.
  • Milk will come in.  In abundance.
  • You will think that your baby is just a bit more perfect than all of the other babies that have ever existed.
  • Time will fly by.  We are already on day 3?  I still haven't even gotten a footprint..a picture..captured a moment...
  • You will do things you said you would never do.  A soother has been introduced.  He is sleeping in our bed.  Disposable diapers have already touched his bum and we are all OK.
  • No matter how un-phased by hormones you have been in the past, you will find yourself a puddle of emotion at any given time.

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