Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-Extreme Organization Edition

  • After weeks of chaos around the house, things are finally coming together.
  • Ryan has finished the renovations of our upstairs bedroom and nursery, and last night we finally moved our room back upstairs.
  • I now have a linen closet, which I am ecstatic about. I am looking forward to a weekend of organizing! It will be nice for all of our stuff to have a home.
  • I need to perfect my fitted sheet fold.  I can do it, but need a very large surface area to make it look good.
  • Next up is a complete bathroom remodel. Ryan plans to be done within the three weeks prior to Perogy's arrival. This means that I will be packing up moving out for a bit.
  • I have a shed full of garage sale items that I have come across throughout this renovation process.  It is amazing what two people can accumulate!
  • This week I did a major grocery shopping trip, replenished my stockpile and purchased ingredients for several freezer recipes that I will be making in anticipation of baby. On the list is lasagnas, mac an cheese, tourtière, stuffed shells, manicotti and perogies.
  • We are 100% finished with all if our per-baby shopping. Hopefully there aren't too many unforeseen expenses that come up after Perogy arrives.
  • We are finally getting our new well drilled on Monday.  Hopefully some good water soon to get all of my baby laundry done including prepping my cloth diapers.
  • Today I filled out all of my maternity leave paperwork at work.  Only four more days left!
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  1. Seriously, I end up balling up the fitted sheets out of pure frustration. Ugh.