Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Carter's Name

Just a quick post about how we came up with Carter's name.
We knew that we wanted to have two middle names, as Ryan has two middle names.  We wanted to choose a name that we both liked, along with a name from each of our families.
The boy's name was super tough to agree on.  We both had some strong opinions about the names that we  liked and disliked.  My favourites were vetoed by Ryan, and vice versa.  Finally, we agreed on Carter.
Joseph was Ryan's grandfather.  Joseph is also one of Ryan's middle names.  I wanted Joseph to be the first name, as I liked the timelessness of it, and the ability to shorten it to Joe or Joey.
Craig is my dad's name.  I actually like the name Craig as a first name, however, didn't want to go there as it would be too confusing having two people with the same name at family gatherings.
So we had three names, but just couldn't decide on the order.  I wanted Joseph Carter Craig, and Ryan wanted Carter Joseph Craig.  So, in a last ditch effort for fairness, we agreed that Ryan would get the final say on the boys name, and I would get the final say on the girls name (as we were not 100% sure of middle names yet).  Turns out he was a boy, so Carter Joseph Craig it is.


  1. Perfect! Do you think you'll do CJ as a nickname ever?

    1. Since we already have a CJ in our family, we likely won't use it as a nickname for Carter. He will just be Carter I guess :)