Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Pool

Prior to Carter being born, our friends and family participated in a baby pool.  A few highlights of the pool:

  • Participants guessed gender and due date.  Winner was determined by the correct gender guess closest to the actual birth date.
  • 11 people participated.  4 guessed girl.  7 guessed boy.
  • Date guesses ranged from May 15th to June 2nd (FYI the June 2nd guess was mine.  I really didn't expect this baby to come so soon!)
  • And the winner of the baby pool was......Ryan!  He guessed right on-boy on May 17th.
Aside from the pool, the birth date was absolutely perfect as my grandparents who live close by were leaving town for the summer on the 18th, so actually got to meet Carter before they left.  Also, Ryan has an annual fishing trip coming up at the end of May that he thought that he would not be able to participate in this year.  He is thrilled that he can now go!

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