Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Carter's Name

Just a quick post about how we came up with Carter's name.
We knew that we wanted to have two middle names, as Ryan has two middle names.  We wanted to choose a name that we both liked, along with a name from each of our families.
The boy's name was super tough to agree on.  We both had some strong opinions about the names that we  liked and disliked.  My favourites were vetoed by Ryan, and vice versa.  Finally, we agreed on Carter.
Joseph was Ryan's grandfather.  Joseph is also one of Ryan's middle names.  I wanted Joseph to be the first name, as I liked the timelessness of it, and the ability to shorten it to Joe or Joey.
Craig is my dad's name.  I actually like the name Craig as a first name, however, didn't want to go there as it would be too confusing having two people with the same name at family gatherings.
So we had three names, but just couldn't decide on the order.  I wanted Joseph Carter Craig, and Ryan wanted Carter Joseph Craig.  So, in a last ditch effort for fairness, we agreed that Ryan would get the final say on the boys name, and I would get the final say on the girls name (as we were not 100% sure of middle names yet).  Turns out he was a boy, so Carter Joseph Craig it is.

Bottle Boobs and other Things to Ponder

Amongst both Ryan's and my groups of friends, we are the last to start our family.  For those of us who live in the same town, it has been 3 years since the last baby.  Most of the kids are now school-aged.
For this reason, it has been quite exciting to bring another baby into our circle and to see the kids reactions.  I have gotten some pretty interesting questions from them over the past couple of weeks including:

"Why doesn't Carter drink from a bottle?"

"Where does he get the milk from?" followed promptly by a loud "GROSS!"

"Why do you have bottle boobs?"

"Why do you feed him with both boobs?" "Does one have chocolate milk and one have strawberry milk?"

"How did Carter get out of your belly?"  "Where did he come out of?" (This question was deferred to Grandma.)

"Why does Carter have a penis?" "Does uncle Ryan have a penis?"

"Why do you use cloths instead of wipes?" this was followed by "Everybody come see my Auntie change Carter.  She doesn't buy diapers.  She uses cloths instead!"

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-New Baby Edition

  • This first week of motherhood has flown by. 
  • Ryan, Carter and I are still figuring each other out and trying to find our new places in this family.  Overall, I think that we are settling in well.
  • I swear that Carter hates being clean.  He screams bloody murder every time we change or bath him.
  • This boy pees pretty much every time he is changed!  We go through sleepers like crazy!  I have learned to put the new diaper down underneath him prior to removing the one that he is wearing, that way, I can quickly cover him up if he starts peeing.
  • Speaking of diapers, I have done the unthinkable and bought disposables.  The nursing staff at the hospital preferred us using disposables (which were provided there) as they were keeping track of pees/poops.  I didn't argue because breastfeeding was more important to me at the time.  When we got home, we used cloth diapers for a short period, but they irritated his umbilical cord, and it became pretty stinky.  We decided to use disposables until the cord fell off.  Now that the cord has fallen off, I am transitioning back into cloth diapers which I am happy about since the disposables seem to leak quite a bit.
  • Breastfeeding is going well.  Carter had gone from 6 lbs 14 oz at birth to 6 lbs 6 oz when we left the hospital.  When the Public Health Nurse visited on Tuesday, he was back up to 6 lbs 13 oz.  I had him weighed again yesterday, and he was 7 lbs 8 1/2 oz with sleeper and diaper, so I am guessing about 7 lbs 3 oz.
  • No matter what, Carter usually is ready to nurse right at supper time.  I am looking forward to having some breast milk pumped so that he can be fed by somebody other than me all the time.  I am not looking forward to the time commitment of pumping, but I guess it will all even out.  Hopefully it means being tied down with somebody/something attached to my boobs less.
  • I am slowly beginning to feel myself again.  I can't believe how hormonal and emotional I have been!
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Carter's Birth Story

Warning: I am writing this story to remember the details of Carter's birth.  Although I have tried to leave out all of the grosser details of giving birth, do not proceed with reading this if you do not want to hear about where babies come from.

May 16th.  10 days before my expected due date.  Just another day.  Everything felt normal.  I was officially done work, but was on holidays before my maternity leave kicked in.  I was determined to get my house in order before the arrival of our baby, and on this day I had finally felt that I had made some progress.  The freezer was pretty well stocked.  My cursed rag rug was finally finished.  Bathroom was clean.  Floors were mopped.  House was vacuumed and dusted.  Fridge was stocked with groceries.  I was looking forward to the next 10ish days of relaxation.  Everyone had told me to spend these days getting some sleep, and I was looking forward to sleeping in for the next few mornings.  I didn't feel overly pregnant, and even thought that I may carry past my due date.  My last doctor's appointment indicated a fundal length of 32" so surely baby wasn't coming anytime soon.
That evening, Ryan and I went to my parents house for supper.  I felt a little bit off that evening.  The lights seemed to bother me.  I couldn't carry on a conversation as the words just wouldn't come out right.  There was even one point where I said "Maybe I am pregnant!" when I really meant to say "Maybe I am in labour" (which I really didn't think that I was).  I had a headache, and wondered if my blood pressure may be high, even though it hadn't been throughout the duration of my pregnancy.
Ryan and I returned home at around 8:30 that evening.  I talked on the phone until about 9:30, watched a bit of TV, and then decided that I was going to go to bed.  It was 10:00 pm.
I went to the bathroom, and when I stood up off of the toilet, it felt like I was still peeing.  I sat back down.  I then stood up and again, felt like I was peeing.  I thought that it could be my water breaking, but still felt nothing different so wasn't sure.  I called Ryan to the bathroom, and between giggles, tried to explain that I wasn't sure if I peed my pants or if my water just broke.  We decided that it had to be the water, so we did what anybody else would do-we googled "what to do when your water breaks."
From pre-natal classes, I recalled that labour may take hours or even days to progress after the water breaks, so decided to pack a bag for the hospital and then go to bed to get some rest. Rest didn't happen, however, because during the time that it took me to pack a bag, my contractions came on hard and strong.  I had a contraction counter on my iPhone, and Ryan timed them for me.  By the time the bag was packed, contractions were about 30 seconds long and consistently 2.5 minutes apart.
I had Ryan call the hospital to let them know what was going on and to get direction on whether or not we should go in (we live 30 minutes from the hospital).  The nurse asked to talk to me, and when she asked if the contractions were painful, one hit and I screamed out "YES!"  She said we should come to the hospital to be checked out.
We left right then, and by the time that we got to the hospital, the contractions were 40 seconds long and 2 minutes apart.  I swear that the nurses thought that I was being a melodramatic first timer, and they took their time checking me over.  By the time they got around to checking how dilated I was, I was at 5 cm.  The nurse said she would admit me and call the doctor on call.  She did the paperwork, and then left.  It was just Ryan and I in the delivery room.
I am not sure how long she was gone for.  Everything is a blur from here.  I remember sitting at the edge of the bed, holding Ryan's hand for contraction after contraction.  I remember throwing up.  I remember wondering where the heck everyone was.  I remember feeling like I needed to push, and thinking "this must be transition".
The nurse finally returned, and when she checked me, she announced that I was at 9 cm. The doctor, along with a resident doctor, then rushed in and before I knew it I was pushing.  I knew I had to push, but when it finally came down to it, I didn't feel ready (retrospectively, I think that I was just plain exhausted from the contractions as Ryan says I was pretty much falling asleep between each one).  I am not sure how long I was pushing for.  I would guess maybe 30 minutes tops.  I felt defeated that I could not get the baby out.  I felt like I was doing it all wrong.  That I wasn't pushing right.
Because the labour progressed so quickly, the baby came down too fast and had what the doctor called "head compression".  The heart rate kept dropping to around 70 bpm with each contraction, and then was not returning to normal between contractions.  The doctor decided that they may have to use the vacuum, and told me that she was calling another doctor (one known to do c-sections) to come up just in case.  I took that as I was going to get a c-section because I wasn't pushing good enough.  This scared me.  It also made me want to prove to them that I didn't need any interventions.  They had me roll on to my side (possibly to help with the heart rate issues?) and two good pushes and the baby was out.  It was 1:47 am on March 17th.
A boy.  A beautiful baby boy.  Screaming right from when he came into this world.  His first interaction with his daddy being peeing all over him!  From here on out, everything couldn't have been more perfect if I had written it myself.  My baby was put on my chest right away.  He wasn't taken away to be measured, prodded and poked.  I was able to breast feed him pretty much right off the bat.  Ryan was allowed to cut the cord, and he waited until it had stopped pulsing to do so.  I had a couple first degree tears, and needed 4 stitches, but other than that, sustained no injury.  There were no drugs involved.
My parents arrived at the hospital 5 minutes after Carter was born.  Ryan's parents arrived shortly thereafter.  We welcomed our new little guy into the world, weighed him, measured him and bathed him that night.  He was (and still is) absolutely perfect, weighing 6 lbs, 14 oz.  We finally settled into bed at 5:00 that morning, feeling exhausted, exhilarated and completely in love.

First Picture
Finally settled in.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Leaky Faucet

These past few days, I have been a leaky faucet.  It is like the waterworks can be turned on or off at any time, without any warning.  Thankfully I haven't driven Ryan completely over the edge yet.  The things that make me cry include:
  • Thinking of Carter growing up.
  • Thinking of how much I love this little guy and how much I love Ryan.
  • Thinking of giving birth.
  • Thinking about how much I miss pregnancy and how it was so unexpectedly over (yes, I did know it was going to happen eventually).  I didn't get one last belly shot.  I didn't get to take pictures of me and Ryan while pregnant.  I didn't post one last pregnancy update.
  • Thinking about what I am going to do with an entire year with him.
  • Thinking about when I will have to go back to work and not have every single day with him.
  • And, finally, the thing that sent me completely over the edge bawling yesterday-this commercial.

And for any of you who may now be worried about my sanity, I am OK!  Hopefully these hormones pass quickly so I can get back to my normal, predictable level of emotion!

Baby Pool

Prior to Carter being born, our friends and family participated in a baby pool.  A few highlights of the pool:

  • Participants guessed gender and due date.  Winner was determined by the correct gender guess closest to the actual birth date.
  • 11 people participated.  4 guessed girl.  7 guessed boy.
  • Date guesses ranged from May 15th to June 2nd (FYI the June 2nd guess was mine.  I really didn't expect this baby to come so soon!)
  • And the winner of the baby pool was......Ryan!  He guessed right on-boy on May 17th.
Aside from the pool, the birth date was absolutely perfect as my grandparents who live close by were leaving town for the summer on the 18th, so actually got to meet Carter before they left.  Also, Ryan has an annual fishing trip coming up at the end of May that he thought that he would not be able to participate in this year.  He is thrilled that he can now go!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Things That I Have Learned in the Past 3 Days

  • No amount of preparation could truly prepare me for some things in life.
  • I can do things that I never thought I could do if I really have to.
  • I can experience love greater than I have ever experienced before-both for this new love of my life and for the one I already have.
  • Meconium poop is really sticky and abundant for the first day.
  • Night two is something to be warned of.  I wasn't prepared.
  • All of those warnings that I laughed at prior to being a mom are now really scary thoughts when they may be speaking to you. Paranoid? Yes, but my baby will not sleep with a blanket.
  • Sleepless nights are easier to bare when they are for above mentioned love of your life #2.
  • Milk will come in.  In abundance.
  • You will think that your baby is just a bit more perfect than all of the other babies that have ever existed.
  • Time will fly by.  We are already on day 3?  I still haven't even gotten a footprint..a picture..captured a moment...
  • You will do things you said you would never do.  A soother has been introduced.  He is sleeping in our bed.  Disposable diapers have already touched his bum and we are all OK.
  • No matter how un-phased by hormones you have been in the past, you will find yourself a puddle of emotion at any given time.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Carter Joseph Craig

Born May 17, 2012 at 1:47 am. 6 lbs 14 oz. More to come when I can quit staring at him, touching him and taking his picture! I am so in love with both of these guys in my life!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-Nursery Renovation

In the beginning.  The room had subsequently evolved into an office, which I do not have pictures of.  The door to the left was my closet.  Ryan had his own closet which faced mine that he entered from the other side (through our room).  The middle door is the entrance to our bedroom.  The door beneath the window is a storage cubby. 

Prior to making this into a nursery, Ryan completely gutted the room, removed the chimney, added vapour barrier and replaced all the drywall.

Chimney gone.  Now a blank slate.
 And the reveal...
1. Looking at the room from the top of the stairway.  Notice new laminate floor and new windows.  Also note that there is no longer a closet opening up behind the dresser.
2. Looking at the room from our bedroom door, towards the stairway.
3. IKEA dresser/change station.
4. Crib
1. IKEA shelf.  Ryan picked out the Scentsy monkey, which makes the room smell great!  Bins contain receiving blankets, burp pads and other miscellaneous items.
2. Pictures that my little sis scrapbooked the week that she found out we were expecting.  I used my exquisite mat cutting skills to mat them.
3. Picture that Ryan's mom bought for the nursery.  Our rocking chair will go under it.  It matches our palette perfectly!
4. New closet doors.  I love how Ryan used our original closet doors and painted them white to keep with the era of the house.
Inside the new closet.  I now have room to store all of our out of season clothes and linens.  This makes me very happy!
There are still a couple of finishing touches to add such as the rocking chair and a cursed rag rug that I literally spent weeks on!  Overall, I think the room turned out better than I could have envisioned!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hospital Bags: Part 1-The Diaper Bag

With the nursery renovation done, and a sense of normalcy returning to my home, I have finally gotten my shit together and put this baby planning into overdrive.  First off-packing the hospital bags.
As I knew that cloth diapers would take up a bit more room, I opted to splurge on a very expensive JuJuBe Be Prepared diaper bag.  
This is the largest diaper bag of the JuJuBe line, and is recommended for parents of multiple children diapering.  After purchasing this bag, I worried that it might be a little too big. After packing it, however, I am glad that I went big!
So what did I put in the diaper bag?  Take a look.
1. 24 Thirsties Fab Wipes
2. Wipes Solution
3. 4 Bummis Diaper Covers
4. 24 Bummis Pre-fold Diapers
5. 1 package Diaper Liners
6. Planet Wise Wet Bag
7. 6 Disposable Newborn Diapers
8. 2 sample packs of Disposable Wipes
9. 4 Unisex Onesies
10. 4 White Onesies
11. 4 Unisex Sleepers
12. 1 Baby Hat
13. 1 Set of Mittens/Booties
14.  4 Receiving Blankets
15. Vitamin D Drops (not pictured)
16. 1 Girl's Take-home Outfit (not pictured)
17. 1 Boy's Take-home Outfit (not pictured
So after trying time and time again to get everything in the bag, I realized that it was not going to work.  I opted to only put half of the wipes and half of the pre-folds into the bag, and take the rest in another bag just in case we are at the hospital long enough to warrant 24 diaper changes.
Next up-my bag!

38 weeks

How Far Along? 38 weeks

Weight gain/loss: 22 lbs gained.  Now at 152 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Yes.  Even the elastic waist of my maternity pants is starting to feel tight.

Stretch Marks: Nope :)

Sleep: Awesome!  New bamboo sheets are glorious!  I have been having some weird dreams though.  Too weird to post here.

Best moment this week: Finishing up at work for a year!  My co-workers had a little celebration with a cake for me.  Very sweet.  I even had a client drop off a gift of books for our baby.  This was unexpected.

Gender: If I had to choose, I would say my gut says boy.  Everyone seems to know what it is.  I even had somebody tell me that they knew I was having a boy, because if it was a girl, the extra estrogen would make me look more vibrant instead of rundown.  Ouch!

Belly button in or out: I say out.  Ryan says in.

Movement: This baby doesn't stop.

What I miss: Wine; ribs and a back that aren't constantly aching.

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing what this baby looks like; being well endowed-I purchased a nursing bra a week or so ago, and the size-34DD!! I am usually a 34B.  I don't think that I have changed that much, but it seems to fit well so I will take it!

Milestones: Baby is now considered full term.  He/she can come anytime now! Doctor says that the head is now in the pelvis, and will stay there until baby is born.  This is good news as our hospital does not do breech deliveries.

Other pregnancy symptoms: Stinky, swollen feet.  Not sure if the stinky part is related to pregnancy, but something unusual for me.

Doctor appointments:  Now every week.  Everything continues to be right on track, however, they keep telling me that I am measuring small.  I asked my doctor about making a birth plan, and she told me I would be laughed at.  I love her honesty.

37 weeks, 3 days

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-Maternity Leave Edition

  • Today is the first day of my maternity leave (well mat leave doesn't officially start until May 26th, but I am using up my holidays).  Nonetheless, I will not return to work until June, 2013.
  • Never in my life have I had a break from work/school this long.  I know that parenting will be a different kind of work, but it is hard to wrap my head around how this year will play itself out.
  • Today I was awake at 7:00 am.  I got caught up on the hundreds of blog posts that I was behind on reading.  I finished cleaning the inside of my cupboards.  I made 6 lasagnas for the freezer.  I then went into town and did some shopping and attended my doctors appointment, came home and am now cooking supper.  Successful first day I would say.
  • Ryan is finally done with our upstairs renovations.  Baby's room is done with the exception of a couple finishing touches.  Pictures will come very soon, I promise.
  • With pictures on my dSLR, point-and-shoot camera and iPhone, it is hard to keep everything in order.  Any suggestions?
  • We have decided to put the bathroom renovation off until after Perogy arrives.  Not knowing whether he/she will come early may leave us in a spot where we are bringing a baby home to a house with no functional washroom.  Not good.
  • We got our new well drilled this week.  We were quoted for a 100 foot well.  They drilled 30 feet and found what they called "bottled water quality water".  Needless to say, the cost savings was a nice surprise and I can't wait to get everything plumbed in!
  • I am trying very hard to keep my Facebook account tidy.  I hate to see things on my wall that are not pertinent to me.  I have narrowed my "Likes".  I am blocking all game information that people post.  I can't believe how many games there are!
  • The new season of the Bachelorette starts this week!
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Toilet Trust

About a year ago, a co-worker of mine whose toilet had unexpectedly calved, explained to me the importance of having toilet trust.  This co-worker, who is never short for words, went on about how one has to have 100% trust in their toilet as it is something that you do have quite an intimate relationship with.     Qualities to look for in a toilet included appearance, non-streaking form, minimal noise and a good flush, because, let's face it-nobody wants to be the one to have to double flush.  Although I found it amusing, I never paid much though to this conversation after that day.
Fast forward to the past month or so.  Thinking about our impending bathroom renovation, Ryan mentioned that we should be looking for a new toilet.  Remembering this previous conversation, I resisted, as I knew that our current toilet is one that I had great trust in.  Why change it up and risk a shadier relationship with the new appliance?  Then, as if right on cue, our toilet became the double flush nightmare.  Sometimes it needed multiple flushes.  Then there came the need for plunging.  Toilet paper was enough to plug the darn thing up.
Anyways, I realized that we really did need a new toilet.  So, along with my sister, we went looking for a new toilet.  Ryan was looking for a $99 model, but I wanted something a bit less "discount-ish".  I wanted a toilet that I could trust.  I also found many of the newer energy saving toilets looked silly with their tiny tanks.  The store that we shopped at had all of the display toilets placed on a shelf overhead, which did not allow one to try the toilet out for fit.  The decision was difficult, but I finally decided on the toilet that I wanted.  Still convinced that a $99 toilet would suit our needs, Ryan took a picture of my pick, and said that he would decide when renovation time came.
With the bathroom renovation now upon us, we again returned to this store to pick up our toilet.  As if the previous visit had not even happened, Ryan instructed me to pick out a toilet.  I picked out two that I thought would do the job.  Ryan mumbled about the cost as he again examined the discount models and tried to convince me the small tank looks trendy.  Finally, he pulled out his phone in search for the picture of the original toilet that I had picked.  Turns out it was the same model that I had picked on this given day, and was the lower cost option between my two choices.  A happy medium!  So we packed up the toilet, made the transaction and left the store.
As we walked out of the store, pushing the new toilet to our vehicle, a young, slightly larger gentleman comes up to us and enthusiastically states "That's a great toilet!  You will be very happy with it!  It won't let you down!"  And so began the new toilet trust-for both me and Ryan!

Friday Night Leftovers-Extreme Organization Edition

  • After weeks of chaos around the house, things are finally coming together.
  • Ryan has finished the renovations of our upstairs bedroom and nursery, and last night we finally moved our room back upstairs.
  • I now have a linen closet, which I am ecstatic about. I am looking forward to a weekend of organizing! It will be nice for all of our stuff to have a home.
  • I need to perfect my fitted sheet fold.  I can do it, but need a very large surface area to make it look good.
  • Next up is a complete bathroom remodel. Ryan plans to be done within the three weeks prior to Perogy's arrival. This means that I will be packing up moving out for a bit.
  • I have a shed full of garage sale items that I have come across throughout this renovation process.  It is amazing what two people can accumulate!
  • This week I did a major grocery shopping trip, replenished my stockpile and purchased ingredients for several freezer recipes that I will be making in anticipation of baby. On the list is lasagnas, mac an cheese, tourtière, stuffed shells, manicotti and perogies.
  • We are 100% finished with all if our per-baby shopping. Hopefully there aren't too many unforeseen expenses that come up after Perogy arrives.
  • We are finally getting our new well drilled on Monday.  Hopefully some good water soon to get all of my baby laundry done including prepping my cloth diapers.
  • Today I filled out all of my maternity leave paperwork at work.  Only four more days left!
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