Monday, April 9, 2012

We Have Names!

It is official.  We have finally decided on what Perogy's name will be once he/she is born. The name Perogy has been so popular amongst our family and friends, that we actually considered just keeping this as the forever name.
All joking aside, naming this baby has involved a lot of compromise.  A lot of texts back and forth.  A lot of vetoed favourites for both of us.  A lot of apprehension on my part that we would never be able to agree on a name.  Now, I cannot wait to find out whether we are having a he or a she, because I am so excited about the names!
For all of you out there, you will still have to wait to find out.  There has been much speculation on names amongst our family.  A lot of pleas for hints.  We won't budge.
Why are we so secretive?  We know that the name is one of the most exciting details about the birth of a new baby.  Really, who cares how much the baby weighs or how long it is?  We would like to save all of the excitement of the name for the day that Perogy is actually born.
We also know that everyone has their own personal tastes and preferences when it comes to naming a baby.  Although the opinions of those closest to us are very important, we want Perogy's name to truly be a reflection of our tastes as parents, and do not want it to be "tainted" by other's opinions.  Although we are very strong in what we like, to know that somebody whose opinion matters greatly to us does not like the name that we choose would likely influence our decision, even if just a little bit.  So we will only tell the name once it is official, and we need a real live baby to make it official.
Finally, even though we are certain today, we still have seven weeks to change our mind.  We don't want to have to change the mind of others as well.
So the waiting will continue.


  1. Soooo... what names did you guys finally decide on?? haha

  2. I had my baby in the 34th week! Congrats!

  3. I had a friend who dubbed their baby "Casper" in the womb because he looked like a ghost. The name stuck. He's Casper :)