Thursday, April 19, 2012

Name Spoilers

There have been a couple of times in the past weeks in which people have offered advice on picking baby names.
These people are often well-meaning, but I don't really think that they think before they speak.
The first time that this advice was presented was during our prenatal class.  The instructor came to class with a "top 10 list" of suggestions in picking a name.  The list was filled with things to consider and things not to do when picking a name.  Each section had an example of a "bad" baby name, and as she read them out in front of the class, I cringed thinking what it would be like if the name that somebody had spend so much time deciding on was on "the list".
Then this morning, I saw an article on Facebook about trending baby names of 2012.  I clicked on it to read it, and subsequently received a message on my Facebook wall stating "I am saying this because I care...please do not name your baby ________."  This friend was trying to be funny, however, I again wondered how that would have felt if I was in fact going to name my baby _________ (which I wasn't in this case).
Although I know that naming a baby is something that everybody wants to be involved in, however, I caution you from offering advice on what not to name our babies!

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  1. All three of our kids have very unusual names and for that reason, we never shared before they were born and officially named. I'm always amazed at how much people care about what you're naming your child... as if it's any of their concern.