Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Knox Turns 3!

Yesterday was my Fur Baby's 3rd Birthday!  That makes him 21 in doggy years, however, being a Mastiff with an unfortunately shorter lifespan than the average dog, they say that each human year is actually 9 dog years for him.  This makes him 27.
First time we "met" Knox.  He is the chubby brindle one right in the middle. 
Anyways, you probably think that I am crazy to even care (and for the most part I don't really care), but growing up on a farm, I have never really had a "pet" dog.  Our dogs were always around to serve a purpose-to herd cattle, to guard the property, etc.  Dogs came and went, and although we missed each one, this was just the natural order to things.  Knox, however, is the first dog that I have ever owned just for the purpose of pleasure and companionship.
First week that we had Knox.
I always thought that those people that assigned their pets personalities must be crazy-really, they're just animals.  But I have converted over to the dark side, and now talk to my dog in a special doggy voice, even when nobody is around.  At times I treat him like a human, assigning him thoughts that I am sure he must be thinking at any given moment.
Over the three years that we have owned Knox, he has become a part of our quirky little family.  He is clumsy and awkward, never really aware of his true size.  He is playful and gentle, and I have never heard him growl in the entire time that we have known him.  Knox is laid back.  For the most part, he is quite content just lying on the steps sleeping.  He loves cats and has been known to carry them around the yard by their heads, and to lay on them, pretending he has know idea where they might be.  He likes going for walks (during which he must at all times be touching somebody), doing tricks like shaking a paw and giving high fives, and most of all, he loves peeping in our window and watching whatever we may be doing-this is usually an indicator that he is looking for some sort of table scraps!
Learning to shake a paw.
All grown up! 
I can't wait to raise my children with this dog!
Since he's now legal...

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