Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home Sweet Home

In 2009, Ryan and I moved back to our home town, after living away (in three provinces/territories) for six years.
At that time in our lives, we were both just getting started in our careers, and were not in a financial position to purchase a home.  We knew that we didn't want to live in town-we find the lack of space stifling, so we settled on a rental home in the country, situated on 4 acres.
Our acreage circa 1984.  All of the buildings still exist.  Only difference is the barn is now white and the trees are much taller. 
When we first moved in, the house had been vacant for a year.  Prior to that, it was owned by a bachelor since being built in the 1950's.  It was nothing special, but rent was cheap, and our landlord was open to us making small changes such as new paint on the walls, etc.
Throughout the two years that we rented this property, we fell in love with it.  The house became our home, and we couldn't imagine packing up and leaving.  We decided to purchase this home, and that is what we did.  Now it is ours.
From this perspective, I am thinking that the trees in front of the house have to go.
Our humble abode.
Along with new home ownership, especially of a home that hasn't been updated in over half of a century, comes renovations.  Tons of renovations.  It's not that our house hasn't been livable-it has good bones-but frankly, certain characteristics of it are just plain ugly!  We fortunately bought the property at a price that has allowed us to finance some of the aesthetic renovations, along with the necessary ones, that we are embarking on.
Now with baby just around the corner, the renovation train is running at high speed!  Luckily Ryan is a jack of all trades, and is doing 90% of the work on the house on his own.  I am one lucky woman!
Anyways, here is the list of renovations that we hope to complete prior to Perogy arriving in May.  I will be posting pictures of our progress as we go along.  Wish us luck!

Pre-Baby Renovations

1. New windows throughout house.
2. New furnace.
3. Fix drywall in living room and re-paint after window installation.
4. Move washer/dryer downstairs.
5. Complete overhaul of bathroom including expansion.
6. New well and water system.
7. Remove closet and extra door from spare room. Fix drywall and repaint to create play room.
8. Fix drywall and repaint stairway after removing window.
9. Insulate attic and crawl spaces.
10. Completely remove and replace drywall upstairs to add vapour barrier.  Re-paint master bedroom and nursery.
11. Build walk-in closet off of master bedroom.
12. Install laminate flooring in nursery.
13. Drywall and paint office (formerly laundry room).
14. Re-finish hardwood floors in office.

As Time/Money Permits

1. Replace shingles.
2. Insulate exterior of house and add siding.
3. Add weeping tile to basement.
4. Build deck.
5. Re-build insulated mud room.
6. Complete overhaul of kitchen.

Long Term

1. Addition.  This will likely happen once we pay off our mortgage.  The size of our addition will be completely dependent on our family situation.

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