Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-Bachelor Edition

  • On Monday, interviews will be conducted for my work position for the term of my maternity leave. There are at least two highly competent candidates that I know of that are interviewing, so I am confident that may job will be in good hands.
  • Only 36 work days left. This is crazy.
  • I am definitely enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. I can't wait until summer!
  • I am dedicated to only put art on my walls that has meaning to Ryan and me.  I want all of our pieces to symbolize a cherished memory, or to solicit great conversation.
  • I have finally figured out the iPhone Blogger app. I love that I can create draft blog posts right when the thought comes to mind.
  • I am thoroughly disappointed at the outcome of this season's Bachelor. I also wasn't impressed with the latest Twilight movie.
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  1. here from FNLO

    congrats on your upcoming maternity leave! i myself am down to 25 more work days, with the added bonus of working from home a couple days a week, so only 16 more in office days!!

  2. You are so close! So exciting!

    This season's bachelor was awful. He's a big idiot.