Sunday, March 11, 2012

29 Week Update

How Far Along? 29 weeks
Weight gain/loss: 11 lbs gained.  Down 3 lb since last week.
Maternity clothes: Yuppers. I had bought some nicer maternity clothes for work, but on weekends, I have just been wearing yoga/sweat pants and my larger "grubby" shirts.  Even those are too small now though, so I have to start wearing some of Ryan's old t-shirts for doing my chores on the weekends.
Stretch Marks: Nope. Ryan says that he can faintly see the start of the linea nigra though, but I can't see past my belly to confirm.
Sleep: Great except waking every night to go to the bathroom.
Food Cravings: Still none
Gender: Still leaning towards boy, however, this may be because Ryan is so sure it is going to be a boy that he has subconsciously convinced me as well.  In terms of preference, I really don't care.  I would love to have a boy first as I think that this will take the pressure off of future pregnancies (you know a man always wants a son), but I really don't know what to do with penises (funny I know).  I also would love a girl-a little doll to dress up and spend my days with, but I fear the teen years, and worry that I would not be the best role model for a girl as I am not very girly myself.
Belly Button in or out: In.
Movement: Tons of punches, kicks, flips and turns.  Ryan is feeling them now too, which is the most amazing sight in the world.
What I miss: Sleeping through the night without having to pee.
What I'm looking forward to: Summer.  Since I am generally in a better mood during the summer, I am glad that we will have the whole season to catch on to the parenting thing and to redefine our new family.

And just to top this off, here is the short synopsis of my latest doctor's appointment from Wednesday:
  • Turns out the clinic in which I did my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test "lost" the results, so I had to do it all over again.  I tried not to be too frustrated as I know it was not my clinic's fault, but I was steaming inside.  It is not that the test is a difficult or invasive procedure, it is just the predictable incompetence that irked me.
  • Fundal height was 27 inches.
  • I was prescribed Ranitidine for my heartburn, which I must say is a God-sent!
  • In brief conversation, my doctor asked if I had considered pain meds for labour and delivery.  She said that right now there is a Fentanyl shortage, and since Morphine is not a very desirable medication, so at the hospital where I will be giving birth, the only likely option for pain control will be an epidural.  I am not looking forward to this possibility.
  • Since I am now in my third trimester, I will now have bi-weekly doctor's appointments.
I promise a belly pic for next week, but things have been crazy around here!


  1. A Fentanyl shortage?! What the heck? Where do you live???

    For what it's worth, Fentanyl did nothing for me...or anyone I know that tried it!

    1. I live in rural Manitoba. Perhaps this isn't a problem in the bigger cities. My doctor says the shortage is likely going to last the year, though...
      Truthfully, I know NOTHING about pain management options, so this really doesn't mean anything to me at this point. I would rather know before getting myself all psyched up on Fentanyl as my drug of choice haha.