Monday, March 12, 2012

12 of 12-March

I have once again decided to partake in the 12 of 12 Photo Challenge.  I apologize for the lack of meaningful posts lately, but I promise there are better things to come.  For your immediate entertainment, however, here you have it.

1. Breakfast. 
2. Tim Horton's Roll-Up-The-Rim online contest.   Since I don't drink coffee, I play every day online.  I have been playing for over 2 weeks, and haven't won a single thing.
3. Foggy morning.
4. My snack drawer at work.  I would die without this.
5. View from my office window.
6. Sugar Shocker display.
7. My water bottle.  I try to drink at least three of these during my work day. 
8. Double digits again :)
9. Pepper plants that were planted yesterday.  Nothing coming up yet, of course.
10.  Garlic Dijon chicken breasts.  Look disgusting, but they actually turned out pretty tasty. 
11. Recipe book in which the above recipe came from.  This is my #1 go-to recipe book.  Basic recipes with no fancy ingredients. 
12. The watch that Ryan bought me for Valentines Day.  As a side note, I have always had those red spots on my hands.  My dad and sister have them too.  They seem to have become more prevalent during pregnancy, though.

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