Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top 10 Pregnancy Questions

It seems as though everyone that I come across these days wants to talk pregnancy and babies.  It is likely because it is now undeniable that I am expecting.  Most people that I come across are well-meaning.  Some feel like they should offer advice, even if unsolicited.  Some are downright negative (usually the ones that have had poor experiences during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, etc. and for some reason would like to wish those experiences on other mothers).  We won't even talk about the ones that touch my belly.
With this being said, there seems to be a pattern in the questions that I get regarding my pregnancy.  Here are those that top the list.

  1. Are you expecting? Actually no...I accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed about 6 months ago. 
  2. When are you due? This is the icebreaker question.  The one that I am sure people fall back on when they are dying to hear all about my pregnancy, but don't know how to bring it up.  It is usually followed by some or all of the below questions.  I also think that people ask this question to gauge how well I am doing size-wise as they usually give me the one over right after I answer the question.
  3. Are you finding out the gender? No.  Don't act shocked.  For generations babies have been born and families got by without knowing the gender prior to birth. Gender makes absolutely no difference to us.
  4. Have you picked out any names? Yes. Am I going to tell you? No!
  5. How are you feeling? I hate this question.  First of all, the people that ask this question are often people that I don't know very well.  Truth is I am feeling great, but even if I wasn't, I would not disclose my symptoms to these acquaintances.  Secondly, I feel that people are always looking for something bad.  A simple great does not satisfy them, and I somehow feel the need to further describe that I have been very lucky and I understand that pregnancy is not always this easy for some women.  Then there are the people that have rude comments like "oh just you wait" or "enjoy it while it lasts." 
  6. Are you planning on breastfeeding?  This is a loaded question.  It is usually asked by other mothers.  It is usually just a transition question into them telling me of how horrible their breastfeeding experiences were.  I know that some women are unable to breastfeed, and that I may be one of those women.  I would prefer support in my decision rather than negativity.
  7. Have you had any cravings? I do not understand this question, as I have not had any food cravings.  It just seems weird to me.   
  8. Do you want some *chips, candy, chocolate, etc.*?  If I answer no, it is usually followed by a "Cummon-baby wants it" or a "You can blame it on pregnancy".  Honestly, I have eaten what I have wanted throughout this pregnancy, just as I did prior to pregnancy.  I choose to eat relatively healthy most of the time, and if I do enjoy an occasional treat, I do not feel guilty about it or over indulge.  I, therefore, am not going to start shoving my face with junk that I neither want nor need, just because I am pregnant.
  9. When are you due again?  Seriously, some people ask this question over and over and over again!
  10. Do you have a swing?  This question always comes from another parent.  The reactions are priceless when we tell them that we don't plan on getting one before baby arrives.  Like the gender thing, babies have been raised for generations without swings, and I am sure none of them are damaged because of it.  Truth is, our house is very small, and we are not keen on buying something that takes up so much space, and which we may not even need.


  1. haha... and then there are those ones that try to get your hubby drunk in hopes that he will share the names. Those ones are the worst! hahaha

  2. Its true. You usually hear about people's bad experiences and not the good ones (true for everything I think). People often look at me funny when I say I loved being pregnant, I had fantastic births and I had no major issues with breastfeeding. Oh and, we didn't get a swing either and Jacob doesn't seem to mind.
    As for people (strangers) touching your belly... seriously, what are they thinking?!
    Hope you're enjoying every moment :-)