Saturday, February 25, 2012

Latest Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday I had another doctor's appointment.  Just a few things from the appointment.  This is likely a pretty boring post, but is for me to remember more so than to entertain the rest of you!

  • I saw a resident doctor instead of my family physician.  She was very nice.
  • Heart rate was 150 bpm.
  • Blood pressure, weight, urine and blood sugar were all good.
  • When I visited the gynaecologist a couple weeks ago, they had made me do some lab work including an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (and I mean they pretty much poured it down my throat and were quite annoyed when I tried to object).  The reason for my objection was that the lab work had already been ordered by my family physician, and I had an appointment scheduled to get it done the following week in my home town.  I did not see the point of doing the lab work at that point, when I was there for a very specific reason that had nothing to do with my lab values.  Anyways, I specifically asked them to forward the results to my family physician as she is the one managing my care.  They assured me that they would, and guess what?  That's right, my doctor never received the results.  Now I need to follow-up in 2 weeks and hope that my clinic can track down the results, and if not, I need to do the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test over again.  I am so annoyed, even a day later!
  • My expected due date from my ultrasound is May 22nd.  My original due date is May 26th, so they say that they won't change it.
  • I have to go for another ultrasound at 30-34 weeks as they possibly observed a slight dilation of the right kidney pelvis.
  • My Maternal Serum Screen was negative, which means that we are at no greater risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome, Neural Tube Defects, etc.
  • My fundal height was measured at 24 cm.  The resident doctor said that this is slightly small, given that I am at 27 weeks.  Interestingly, she then said that her measurement may be a bit off and closer to 25 cm.  Not to worry, she said, as I am small person to begin with.  I read here that fundal height should match your gestational age within 1-3 cm.  That means that even a measurement of 24 cm means that Perogy is measuring 21-27 weeks, which is perfect.

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