Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-Toothpaste Edition

  • I swear, if toothpaste stained, I would have no shirts left to wear.
  • Today I was at the dentist for a cleaning, and I absolutely loved my half an hour of just lying in the chair and feeling Perogy kick.  It seems I only feel the kicks while I am lying flat, and usually when I am lying flat, I don't stay awake to feel it very long.
  • I am thinking that it is about time to get all of my 2011 tax information together.  I am hoping for a big refund this year to help offset some of our renovation and baby costs.
  • Recently I have been seeing more exotic fruits at my grocery store.  I have started buying something new every week to try.  So far, Ryan and I have tried pomellos, persimmons and passion fruit.  This week dragon fruit and guavas are on sale so I will likely pick some of those up.
  • After a horribly busy week, I am drawing a blank on my brain dump, so I will end this here.
  • Oh yeah-tomorrow is our 3D ultrasound, so stay tuned for pics!
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  1. Just stopping in from FNL! Not sure if I have been here before:) Congrats on the baby! I want a 3rd soooooo bad but Hubs says absolutely No:( Sigh.... Looking forward to pix!

  2. I love trying new foods, especially fruits and vegetables. I don't think I've ever even heard of a pomello though. Now, I must go goggle it :)