Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-Chronic Weekend Blogger Edition

  • Today is the end of a three week rotation in which I was mentoring an intern in dietetics.  I have to say, she is has been one of the best interns that I have ever had, but I am exhausted!
  • This week I signed up for prenatal classes.  They won't start until April, but I am looking forward to actually learning about obstetrics, labour and delivery, as this is one field of health care that I know nothing about (and will have to navigate shortly)!
  • I am looking for a double zipper binder to keep all of my coupons.  All of the binders that I have found only have a single zipper (therefore, not allowing me to open them from the middle).  If any of you know where I can find one with two zippers, please share!
  • I am finally realizing how far along I really am in this pregnancy as there are quite a few people that I know that are expecting months after our babe is due.
  • I recently started a baby registry at  This website pretty much allows you to make one central baby registry with items that are sold anywhere. I am really excited about this because I can register for clothes, cloth diapers and those few remaining things that we need, all in one spot. We weren't going to do a baby registry, however, a few people have asked recently. 
  • I have quite a few blog post topics in the works, but find that I have become a chronic weekend blogger.  Maybe I will start to take advantage of delayed blog posting.
  • Tomorrow I will be 25 weeks.  I have gathered conflicting information on when the third trimester actually starts.  Is it 26 or 27 weeks?
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  1. I think 3rd trimester is the beginning of the 28th week. We're about the same amount of time along. I'm 27 weeks. Congrats!