Saturday, February 4, 2012

24 Week Update

How Far Along? 24 weeks.

Weight gain/loss: Still 7 lbs.

Maternity clothes: I basically have three pairs of pants and about 5 tops that I rotate between.

Stretch Marks: Still none :)

Sleep: Awesome!  I have been super busy at work though, which has tired me out quite a bit.  I am not sure if my great sleep is attributed to pure exhaustion or pregnancy itself (if a great sleep can even be attributed to pregnancy).  I even slept in past my alarm one day this week.  Oops.

Best moment this week: 3D/4D ultrasound by far!  More on that later though.  Runner up was some of our good friends visiting overnight with their 10 week old daughter.  It was neat to have such a small baby in our house, and I couldn't help but envision what it will be like when it is our baby!  I also love to watch Ryan interact with babies!

Food Cravings: M&M's.  This may not be pregnancy related.  It is pretty fitting with my everyday personality.

Gender: Really leaning towards boy after our ultrasound.  This also seems to be the consensus amongst our families.  Interestingly, there has not yet been a girl born of any of Ryan's male first cousins (there are 6 boys).

Belly button in or out: In.

Movement: I haven't felt as many kicks this week as last week.  I don't know if I am just getting used to them or if they have slowed down.  I also haven't had too much time this week to just relax and wait for them.  At times, I actually wonder if there is still life inside of there!  During our ultrasound, we found that the placenta is sitting in front of the baby, so this may make it more difficult to feel the kicks.

What I miss: Being able to fit all of my clothes.

What I'm looking forward to: Trip to Alberta in a couple of weeks to visit Ryan's sister's family and meet our new nephew.  This trip will also allow us the opportunity to pick out a car seat/stroller, which is pretty much the last big thing to check off of our baby list.

Weekly wisdom: I'm not feeling overly wise right now!

Milestones: Viability!  At this point, if Perogy were born, he/she would likely survive with the right medical intervention.

Pregnancy Brain Moments:  Nothing remarkably stupid this week!

As Ryan has been working pretty much non-stop between his (over) full-time job, and contract work on the side, I am not even going to bother him to take a picture this week!

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