Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nursery Inspiration

Ryan has officially started his renovations of our upstairs.  As we live in a storey-and-a-half house, the upstairs basically just consists of two rooms-one that you walk directly into when you go up the stairs, and another one behind it.  The first room is going to be our nursery, while the back room will remain our master bedroom.
I see a lot of parents-to-be posting pictures on Facebook and their blogs, with their nursery inspirations.  I see people who find a picture of a nursery that they like, and pretty much replicate what they see.
I, on the other hand, have a vision for our nursery that was developed solely in my own head, so with this post, I will try to bring that vision to life!
My vision for our nursery is something that is unisex.  This is going to be our nursery for not only Perogy, but for any future children, so I want it to be functional for at least 3-4 years or more.  After we are done with babies, it will likely become a play room or a bedroom for one of our children.

I found this picture, which is pretty similar in layout to what our nursery will be.

Imagine stairs where the window is, and that the picture was taken from the doorway to our master bedroom.
I think that it would look best if painted similarly to the above picture, with the peaked ceilings white and the walls sage, but Ryan thinks that we should add a third shade to the mix, with one wall being a bit different.  
Grey-ish sage colour that I envision for our nursery.

For flooring, Ryan will be installing laminate, in a medium colored shade similar to this one.

As we received a used crib from my older sister in white, this will serve as the basis for all other furniture purchases.

Expedit shelf from IKEA.  I envision this being used in its vertical position with baskets/bins for my cloth diapers  & accessories, and open shelving for books.  I also love how I can add pieces to this if I decide to later.
IKEA Hemnes dresser will be used for change station.  Removable change pad will be handy to move throughout house as we need it.
We have decided not to spend any money on crib bedding set or change table, as we feel that these are items that would have absolutely no purpose after the baby stage, and therefore be a waste of money for us.

As you may have read in previous blog posts, I will be re-finishing a vintage rocking chair that was Ryan's mom's.  Although the nursery will feature white furniture, I have chosen to keep the natural wood with this chair, and am hoping that it doesn't look too clash-y.  I think that the wood floors will help to blend everything.

The upholstery and stain colour of this chair are very similar to the one that I am doing, except mine will be teal instead of pink.
Finally, for nursery art, my younger sister has created two beautiful pieces using the Cricut Create a Critter that we will showcase in our nursery.  For above the crib, I would like to put some sort of removable decal.  Right now I am loving this quote.

My only concern is that this decal may be peeled off and consumed by a hungry toddler!
Cricut Create a Critter owl.  This is not the one that my sister made, but an example of how cute it is!
So, this is likely the only glimpse that you will get of what my nursery is going to look like until it is finished.  I will post pics of the real thing when it is all done!

Where did you get your inspiration for your nursery?


  1. I will have the change table for you (that Ryan picked out for us) by the time you need it! It is a dresser style!

    1. Awesome. We already got the dresser for upstairs, but the change table would be good downstairs so we don't always have to go up!

  2. Sounds like it will be perfect!
    Good call on not buying bedding or a change table. I love using a dresser as our change table and I much prefer smaller, softer blankets instead of those big, stiff baby duvets.
    Hope you don't mind the suggestion, you mentioned the furniture being white and the chair being wood. You could always bring in a few small elements with a similar wood to bring everything together. i.e. a lamp with a wood base, and a little something else. But even if you don't I'm sure it will look great!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I have a little wooden side table that I was considering but didn't know if it would contribute to the "clash", so I just might give it a try!