Monday, January 16, 2012

Naming Perogy

Naming a baby must be the hardest and most influential task that one will ever have to endure.  Although it can be tons of fun flipping through the internet for inspiration, it is hard to forget that this decision will have lasting impact and will define the little person that you are bringing into this world for the rest of their life.  At the same time, I believe that no matter what we name our baby, they will grow into their name, and it won't take long before we won't be able to imagine him/her as anyone else.
So what is in a name?  What makes a great name?  What makes a horrible name?
Below are the critical questions and criteria that Ryan and I have set out in naming our baby.
  • Will the name carry the child throughout all of the stages of life?  The name must be a cute baby name, must be suitable for a growing child, an adolescent and must exude a certain level of maturity to take this person into adulthood.
  • Is the name timeless or trendy?  Only timeless names end up on the short list.
  • Could the name be shortened into something undesirable?  If so, the name is out.
  • Could the name solicit undue teasing for said child in school?  Again, out!
  • Is the name too common?  We do not want our child to be known as Child X for the entire duration of their school years.
  • Does the name have meaning?  I want our children to have names that mean something, whether it is the name of somebody in the family tree, or something that solicits fond memories.  There has to be a story that goes with the name.
  • Do Ryan and I both agree on the name?
  • Does the name flow?  Although we have come up with tons of names that we love, the first and middle names must flow together, and sound good with our last name as well.
So far, Ryan and I have picked out a name that we absolutely love for one gender.  It is not a conventional name, and not one that everyone will love.  But we love it and that's what matters.
For the other gender, we have a first name, but can't agree on the middle name(s) that should go with it.  I will hear a name that I like, but Ryan won't like it (or vise verse).  This causes me stress.  It goes against every fibre of my being that tells me to plan ahead, to have things in order, to be prepared.
I would love to hear from all of you parents out there about what qualities you looked for in a name, how you decided on a name and how long it took you to name your child(ren).  Any suggestions for names are also welcome!


  1. It's stressful picking a name!! I bet you can't wait until Friday - Hopefully your bean cooperates and you'll find out if it's a bean or beanette!

    1. Thanks! We actually won't be finding out the gender. That isn't an option at our hospital and we would have to go out of province to find out. I like the idea of a surprise anyways!

  2. Check that the initials of the names you choose don't spell out anything bad or funny. It sounds silly maybe but just write it out anyway just to make sure.

    Tim and I had a crazy hard time picking out names. You guys are already way ahead of the game if you have first names that you can agree on. You wont have a nameless baby like us for the first week :)