Monday, January 2, 2012

Karyn's Favorite Things of 2011

In true Karyn fashion, I will be wrapping up another year Oprah style, with my version of my Favorite Things of 2011.

1. iPhone
This year both Ryan and I upgraded our phones to the iPhone 4.  This was my first data phone, and I absolutely love it!
2. BearPaw Boots
By far, these are the most comfortable boots that I have ever put on my feet.   They are super warm to boot.  I also like how I can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion.

3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
This lotion will be on my list for years to come.  I simply cannot live without it!

4. google Reader
This year, I really got into reading blogs. Thanks to google Reader, I can view all of the blogs that I follow in one convenient place.  I can also separate blog posts into categories for an easy way to find them down the road.

5. Monopoly Deal Game
I always joke that I have ADD, but I honestly cannot stand a long, drawn-out board game.  I love this game because it is super fun, and last only about 10 minutes per game.

6. Norwex Dryer Balls
I started using these dryer balls early in 2011 as a way to reduce drying time (and therefore save money) and  prolong the life of my clothes by stopping my use of fabric softeners (saving even more money!).  I absolutely love these, but hate how one (or both) always seems to be missing.  I also haven't tried wool dryer balls, so can't say how they compare.

7. Scentsy Warmer
This warmer is used to melt scented wax without a flame.  I love Scentsy's line of fragrances, especially Camu Camu.  My mom also makes scent bars, which smell wonderful.
8. David's Tea

As I am not a coffee drinker, I am loving the new tea fad.  David's Tea's Southern Belle is by far my favourite with it's chunks of dried peaches and yogurt buds.  I can't wait to try it this summer as an iced tea!

What were your Favorite Things of 2011?


  1. Now let's be honest- I introduced the family to bear paw boots, monopoly deal, and David's tea. What would you do without me?? haha

  2. ...and google reader!