Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Half Way There

So I am officially half way through this pregnancy!  I can't believe that it is going by so fast!
My doctor told me that the second trimester would be the Cadillac of trimesters, and I kind of agree with her!
During my first trimester, I felt sick, tired and actually questioned whether I would want to have another pregnancy after this one.  Now, virtually all of those symptoms are gone, and the excitement of expecting a baby in a few short months is renewed.
I seem to have "popped" over the past week, and have found that I can only fit into a few of my pre-pregnancy clothes.  Even though I swore that I would make it through this pregnancy with belly bands and non-pregnancy shirts, I have had to splurge and buy some "fat lady pants" as Ryan calls them.  I am thankful to my sister and my BFFs for passing on tons of clothes from their pregnancies.

20 weeks, 1 day
No longer just a muffin top!
The most exciting thing is that I have actually started to feel little kicks.  I first felt them at 19 weeks, 1 day, but was unsure of whether it was really kicks.  It is pretty obvious now though, and I feel them pretty much every morning.  It sucks that we can't feel them from the outside yet, because I would really like for Ryan to feel them too.
As for other symptoms, I feel like I have to pee all the time.  I am also feeling kinda strange-I guess hormonal is the only way to describe it.  I feel good, I am not unhappy, but feel like I am at the edge of a meltdown all the time-very hard to explain.  Other than that, life is great!
We are dwindling down our baby shopping list, so seeing the baby items scattered around our house makes it much more real.  I also put in my maternity leave dates this week at work.  As I have some holidays to use up prior to my leave, I will be done work on May 10th, but my maternity leave will not start until May 26th (our due date).
I guess the next thing to do is to get serious about naming this baby-I don't think that he/she would be very appreciative of being called Perogy into his/her teen years.  We have a few names that are top contenders, but still aren't 100% satisfied with one of the genders-that's all I'm saying!

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