Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers (Red Velvet Cake Edition)

  • With our ultrasound last Friday, Perogy's heartbeat had increased to 156 bpm from the original 130 bpm when we had our first Doppler.  I have yet to research gender prediction theories related to heart rate.
  • Ryan has changed his mind and now thinks that Perogy is a girl.  I on, the other hand, am leaning more towards boy these days.  So much for a mother's intuition!  Just for fun, I have added a poll to my blog's sidebar, so let me know what your gender prediction is!
  • This week we changed our Internet provider.  As we live in the country, we don't have the option of high speed Internet through any of the conventional providers.  Previously, we had used Xplorenet (satellite Internet) that cost $89/month and was barely quicker than dial up.  Our new service is $39/month, and is super fast!  I love it!
  • I absolutely hate it when medical appointments are scheduled for me, with only a letter being sent in the mail.  I personally have certain days that work better for appointments given my work activities.  What is wrong with making a phone call and asking me which days would work for me?  Does anybody else find this annoying?
  • Ryan's mom's birthday is coming up next weekend, and I am going to make her this Red Velvet Cake.  Selfishly, I chose this recipe because Red Velvet Cake is my favourite.
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  1. Okay, I have NEVER even heard of scheduled appointments like that! So presumptuous!