Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-Re-gift Edition

  • During my vacation, I was able to clear out our upstairs storage area to prepare for Ryan's renovations of our future nursery.  I am amazed at the amount of "junk" that two people can accumulate in just over 2 years.  We had a truck full of garbage (old boxes, etc), a quad trailer full of yard sale stuff, a garbage bag full of clothes to hand down and a couple boxes of "re-gifts".  I know it sounds horrible, but what do you do with all of those things that people give you that you either don't have space for, that you already have (who needs six knife sets?) or those gifts that you will never use?
  • While on this topic, a friend of mine just attended a "gift card only" baby shower.  I think its a genius idea.  For us, we don't have the space for any more indoor "stuff" so hope that we don't get gifted too many big items for our baby.  I personally would love to have gifts of clothes, cloth diapers or gift cards-all things that we will use, and that don't take up much space.
  • I absolutely cannot stand the song Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith, but for some reason, it keeps on playing over and over in my mind.
  • I have just spent a bit of time updating my Coupons & Deals page.  Lots of good Canadian deals, so check it out!
  • Our laundry room is now moved downstairs to the basement.  The old main floor laundry room is now an office, and the old upstairs office is going to be transforming into a nursery shortly.  Our new electrical panel passed inspection, and the new electric furnace is in, with the ducting being completed tomorrow.  It is so nice to see progress around here, and it doesn't feel quite as much of a reno zone right now.
  • One of my growing pet peeves is people who show no appreciation for gifts or acts of kindness.  I have attended several  showers (both wedding and baby) and weddings in the past 2-3 years, and have mentored several students at work.  I can't even count all of the thank-you cards that I have revived on one hand, they are so few.  I find this incredibly rude.
  • I will be 20 weeks pregnant this Sunday.  I am finally starting to show quite a bit, and am going to have to crack and purchase some maternity pants as my regular pants are incredibly uncomfortable and "bunchy" when I wear them with a belly band.  Perhaps I will post a belly pic in the weeks to come.
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  1. Hi there, visiting from FNL. Congrats on the 20 weeks! I'm jealous you are just starting to show now. Both my boys I swear I started to show the day I peed on the stick and was wearing mat jeans by 12 weeks!!

  2. Congratulations on 20 weeks!
    I'm with you on the thank you cards. I don't understand what has happened to common courtesy. That and (the lack of) RSVP'ing makes me batty!

    Thanks for coming by for FNL :)