Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers-Basement Edition

  • Although I signed up, I am not really on the Pinterest bandwagon.  I still, by habit, send items that I would like to go back to to my favourites menu.
  • How come every time I get down to my last set of contact lenses, I seem to loose one?
  • This week our weather took a dramatic turn from above 0, to in the -40's with the windchill.    I have endured colder temperatures in the past, but this has been quite the shock!  It's supposed to warm up again by next week.
  • I have started re-upholstering an old rocking chair that Ryan's mom had received from his godfather when he was born, 31 years ago.  I will post pics of the before and after when I am finished.
  • Although I didn't win the cloth diaper contest that I posted about here, I won three bumGenius diapers by commenting on this post, which was one of the runners-up in the contest.
  • Speaking of cloth diapers, I saw a Canadian cloth diaper company called Apple Cheeks on Dragon's Den this week.  Interestingly, they reported sales of $500, 000 last year.  This made me think of the ginormous sales that a well established company such as bumGenius would have, and furthermore, about the sales that disposable diaper companies such as Pampers or Huggies would make in a year.
  • I have come down with an awful cold.  This is my first experience with feeling under the weather and not being able to take any medications.  Shoot me now.
  • I downloaded the Kindle app for my iPhone, along with the book Organized Simplicity that was being offered for free from Amazon.  I then found out that Amazon has a whole selection of free Kindle books. Score!
  • I am only half way through the book, however, have been inspired to make a Home Management Binder.  Basically this is a binder or notebook where you keep all of your important lists and documents.  My binder, when I get around to it, will include my daily to-do list (which will be very important in keeping me from becoming a lazy couch potato during maternity leave), my monthly stock list, my best price list, my coupons, travel list, and home cleaning schedule.  Each list will be in a plastic sleeve, that I can write on with overhead markers and then reuse.  You don't have to say it.  I know I am a major nerd.
  • This week, I saw another couponer in Walmart.  She was equipped with a thick binder full of coupons.  People were gathering around her and asking about where she got the binder, how she organized it, where she gets her coupons, etc.  This was very unusual for my small town.  I usually don't take my binder into stores, because I know I would stand out like a sore thumb.
  • With one more point on couponing, I am finding it more difficult these days than when I first started. I find that I continually see the same companies offering coupons over and over again.  I long for some new, unique coupons.  Has anybody else noticed this?
  • Our financial advisor once referred to pay day as distribution day.  I totally agree.
  • I wish my sister would post more recipes on her blog!  Perhaps one for tortilla roll-ups.
  • Our basement has undergone some major renovations recently.  A new electrical panel, electric furnace, laundry room and re-organized stock pile make it way more functional, and it also frees up room on the other levels of our house for more important things.
Electric Furnace
Laundry Room
Stock Pile
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  1. I am jealous of your stock pile!!

    I don't enjoy most of the coupons. They're for items that I wouldn't normally buy or else stuff I NEVER use. It honestly discourages me from couponing (though I still do it a tiny bit).

  2. P.S. - That's cool Applecheeks was on Dragon's Den, I'll have to check it out. Everyone I know who has used that brand SWEARS by them and claims them better than any of the other "big" brands.

  3. P.P.S. - you should take the word verification off your comments. :)

  4. Well- I guess I can take a hint. I have just stopped making as much stuff now that holidays or over. I have a bread recipe to post, and I will post the toritlla rollups one although I do not have a pic of it.

    Very nice stock pile btw. :) Love u

  5. Your stock pile rocks!
    I'm also suffering from a cold, and being pregnant with limited medications really stinks.