Sunday, January 15, 2012

Doctor's Appointment and Other Pregnancy Symptoms

On Friday, I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor.  Overall, everything is going pretty good.  The lab results were not available for the serum screen that we did (for Down Syndrome, etc.), but all of my other blood work was great.  The baby's heartbeat was still good and strong, so there were no concerns there.  Overall, me and baby are completely healthy and considered very low risk for complications.
The only concern was that my pap came back abnormal.  Ever since I started getting paps years ago, they have flipped back and forth between normal and abnormal.  I even went for a colposcopy about 5 years ago, at which time there were no concerns (just some inflammation, so I was reminded to ensure that I get yearly physicals).  My most recent pap prior to my pregnancy was normal, but the two prior to that were abnormal.   Anyways, because of this most recent abnormal result, I am being sent to a gynaecologist.  My family physician is not sure what will happen from there-possibly another colposcopy during pregnancy or perhaps just leaving things until after the baby is born as often times abnormal cells are shed during delivery.  I am hoping for the latter of the two options, however, given my history of abnormal results, will do whatever is recommended to ensure that both Perogy and me are healthy.  For now, it is just waiting until an appointment can be arranged with the gynecologist.
As for other pregnancy symptoms over the past couple weeks, there have been a few.  Recently, if I sit for long periods of time, my tailbone will become sore, leading to me having to stand up really slowly (which is funny because this is something that I usually see "really pregnant" women do, not ones of my size).  I have also been experiencing heartburn-mostly in the evenings so it may be related to what I am eating, and leg cramps during the night.
Finally on Wednesday (20 weeks, 3 days), Ryan felt the baby kick for the first time.  The kicks are getting much more frequent and strong (which makes me think that the placenta may be behind the baby-but we will see on Friday with our ultrasound).  Every day since then, we have both been able to feel the kicks from the outside.

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