Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby Brain

Prior to becoming pregnant, I read blogs about and listened to friends complain about Baby Brain (also known as Pregnancy Brain or Placenta Brain).  I hated this reference-like really, what parent-to-be would blame their own stupidity on their yet to be born child?
I have been known to have blonde moments or temporary mind lapses at times, but even once I became pregnant and people would say "oh it must be baby brain", I still refused to believe it existed-until recently.
Now, the evidence is mounting.  It has become blatantly obvious this week that my thinking is off.  Maybe I just have a lot on my mind, who knows?  But here are a few of my Baby Brain moments of this past week:

  • A Dietitian co-worker of mine came to me to ask if I had a client handout on the RDAs (a common term in Dietitian world which stands for Recommended Dietary Allowances-something that we learn about in first year university).  Anyways, I stared at her blankly and asked "What are RDAs?"
  • Ryan's sister had her baby this week.  I posted about my excitement on Facebook, but posted the wrong last name-oops!
  • Yesterday, I walked to the other side of our office building to pick up the document that I had printed.  When I got to the printer, I realized that I forgot to press the print button.  I then walked back to my office, pressed print, and walked to the printer again.  I put in my code and released the document from the printer, and then walked away without picking up the paper.
  • Every Friday, I fill my car with gas so I have a full tank for the weekend (we live in the country, and the nearest gas station is 25 minutes away).  Yesterday, I was half way home when I realized I didn't fill up, so now my car sits close to empty for the weekend.
  • While making supper yesterday, I thought I would make myself a Chai Latte.  The Keurig had powered off, so it had to heat up again before I could brew my latte. I placed my cup under the brewer and went back to making supper.  It was about an hour after supper when I saw the cup under the brewer and gave myself hell for wasting a Chai Latte K-cup(which we have to order online), as it was likely stone cold by now.  But, when I went to dump the casualty, I realized that I had forgotten to press the brew button in the first place-the K-cup was ready to go!
Do you believe in Baby Brain?

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