Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Traditions

As the Christmas season is upon us, it makes me think that this is our last Christmas as a family of two.  A year from now, we will have a 6-month old Perogy to spend the holiday season with.
Christmas has always been a big deal in my family.  Not a big deal in the sense that we spend hundreds of dollars on each other or get a million presents, but a big deal in the fact that it is always spent with family.  As a matter of fact, despite all of our travels, there has only been one Christmas in my entire 27 Christmases that I have spent away from my family.
There are many traditions that I look forward to over the holiday season, and I am now starting to think of all of the traditions that I would like to pass on to Perogy.  
  • Around the holidays, you can always find baking at my mom's house.  It is a given that she will have  a good supply of shortbread in various varieties along with Chocolate Caramel Shortbread squares, which she must ration to ensure that there is still stock come Christmas.  It wouldn't be Christmas without mom's baking.
  • Even as adults, we always spend Christmas Eve at mom and dad's house, so we are all together come Christmas morning.
  • Every Christmas Eve, the family gathers at mom and dad's house.  We anxiously wait until 7:00 (or is it 8:00), when we congregate to the living room to open one present.  This has traditionally been the only day of the year that mom allowed beverages in the living room, but that has since changed.
  • It is customary that every Christmas morning, once all awake, we must wait for dad to put on coffee, get dressed, shower, etc., etc., etc,. before we can rush in to see what Santa brought!
  • As children Santa would always bring one gift, which would be left unwrapped for us to find first.  As adults, we no longer get Santa gifts, however, this is something that I would like to continue for Perogy.
  • Stockings have always been our favourite "presents".
  • Gift cards are incredibly uncommon in our family at Christmas.  Everyone goes home with something tangible.
  • Christmas breakfast have become a huge part of Christmas for us.  It is the only time of year that our whole family has breakfast together.  As adults, we rotate who makes breakfast, and it has become a healthy competition to "one up" the last person with an impressive breakfast spread.
  • After breakfast, my siblings and I always gather our Christmas presents in laundry baskets to compare.
These may all seem like minuscule traditions to you, however, combined, they are the spirit of Christmas in my family.  I hope that these traditions continue on long after Perogy is born, so that he/she can experience all of the excitement of Christmas that I have experienced.

Big or small, what are your favourite holiday traditions?

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