Sunday, November 27, 2011

KitchenAid Pro600 Stand Mixer + extras for $339.96

Just in case you have somebody that you really love, and for whom you still haven't found the perfect Christmas gift yet.  Or, maybe, you would like to buy yourself something amazing this Christmas? Anyways, this deal is too great to pass up!

After mail-in rebate, you can get the Pro600 Stand Mixer (the highest capacity KitchenAid mixer currently on the market) with bowl lift PLUS additional 6 qt bowl, pouring shield and Flex Edge Beater for $339.96.  Shipping is free, so with taxes, this comes to $440.65 CAD.  This is less than I paid for my KitchenAid Custom about 5 years ago!

I would love to trade-up.  Right now, my mixer is Empire Red, and I love it, but think that next time I would go for something a bit more neutral like the Pearl Metallic.  The Shopping Channel has 11 exclusive colours to choose from, so you should be able to find something that suits your style! At this time, I am pinching my pennies though in anticipation of our new addition in May, so I will have to wait until next time perhaps.

Click here to get in on this deal.  Hurry, it only lasts for one day!

If you were to take advantage of this deal, who would you purchase it for?  What colour would you choose?  

Pregnancy Timeline Thus Far

September 1st-4th: Visited Ryan in Edmonton where we spent our first anniversary.  Baby conceived.

September 14th:  Super tired.  "Maybe I should take a pregnancy test..."  WHAT?  POSITIVE?!  "I better pee on a few more of these!"
3 1/2 weeks pregnant.

September 14th-22nd:  Kept the most difficult secret of my entire life!  One evening dad asked me if I would like a drink, and when I politely declined, he said "What? You pregnant?"  I had a hard time keeping it together!

September 23rd: Ryan finally returned home from Alberta.  I gave him a photo album that wasn't quite ready when I had visited him in Edmonton.  At the back, it said "I'M PREGNANT!"
Although ecstatic, Ryan couldn't quite believe that what I was telling him was true, so we drove 25 minutes into town to buy an $18 digital pregnancy test.  That night, the test read PREGNANT, and we both really started to believe it!
4 1/2 weeks pregnant.

October 10th: Thanksgiving Day.  Mom had the whole family over for supper (except my brother, Braden, who had to work).  We invited Ryan's parents to join us.  At supper, Ryan's mom talked about how she wanted to get another dog.  Ryan finally said to her "Don't get a dog.  You're going to  have another grandchild to look after in 9 months!"  Funny, nobody believed him because it really wasn't 9 months, but 7 1/2!  Finally, we had to tell them that we were telling the truth, and they were all ecstatic (and not at all surprised!)
7 weeks pregnant.

October 14th: Our first doctor's appointment (have I  said that I love my doctor?). So many decisions to make already about whether or not we want to find out the gender (no for me, yes for Ryan-so no wins!), whether we would like to do a 3D ultrasound (no-too much money!), and whether we would like to do serum screening for conditions such as Down Syndrome (yes, but just to prepare, not to use as a deciding factor about whether or not we "keep" the baby).  My doctor also offered to do another urine pregnancy test, which we gladly accepted (it seems more real when a doctor tells you you're pregnant, doesn't it?).  Confirmed that our due date is May 26, 2012.
I also told my co-workers and boss that I was pregnant on this day.
7 1/2 weeks pregnant.

November 20th: Officially done with my First Trimester.  Another post later about all of my First Trimester pregnancy symptoms.
13 weeks pregnant.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two Pink Lines

Two pink lines.......

This is where it all begins.  About six of these...

Followed by the most excruciating one week wait until Ryan got home from work to tell him in person.  Turns out he couldn't believe that I was reading the tests right, so off we went, to spend $18 on this digital test, which confirmed what I knew all along!

So now that we both believe it, we are ready to tell the world that we are expecting our first child, who we will refer to as Perogy until he/she makes his/her way earth side.

I will be using this blog as a forum to document my pregnancy, and everything that is to come after.  I hope you enjoy!