Monday, April 29, 2013

11 Months

One month shy of a year!  You continue to grow at warped speed.  You are so busy these days, and are definitely becoming more of a little boy and less of a baby every day.
You are so independent-walking, running and eating all on your own.  You are a little tornado!  You love to experiment with utensils and drinking cups at the table.  You have moved up from you infant car seat into a new fancy convertible model.  You have entertained the idea of FINALLY moving out of mommy and daddy's bed on to your new "big boy" mattress on the floor.
Although you still only use a handful of spoken words, your communication skills are far from lacking. You know what you want and how to get it, and it is a regular sight to see your little fingers pointing at objects all around the room.
You have developed a new love for books, and are constantly searching for somebody to read to you.  You decide when to turn the pages, and when the book is done.
This month you also started swimming lessons.  You seem to love the water rushing to it as soon as you spot the pool.  You're first "report card" says that you are a great splasher, but we will still have to work at the bubble blowing!
You definitely keep us busy around here and my house will likely never be clean again-but it's all worth it!  You continue to bring so much joy to our lives and we cannot even begin to remember the days before you were a part of our family!

Monday, March 25, 2013

10 months

Another month completely gone.  February was short to begin with, but time sure flies when you are chasing around a baby that is now walking!
To say that you keep us busy is an understatement.  From tripping over pot lids, Tupperware and toys that you decorate the kitchen with, to fishing random objects out of the tub when you decide that they need to take a shower with mommy, to constantly trying to relocate socks and shoes-you keep us on our toes.  Your favourite activities are peek-a-boo (which you insist we play over and over and over again) as well as being chased around the living room.  I wish that I could bottle your giggles and savour them forever.
You never cease to amaze us at how you develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually.  You reach milestones and exceed norms all on your own.  You have learned words that we have never taught you.  You have developed personality traits that must be inherent.  
And with all this growth, you still remain my baby.  You continue to give cuddles, kisses and simply just melt my heart.  I love you little man!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

9 Months

It is hard to believe that you have now been with us for longer than I was pregnant with you.  I felt such a bond with you prior to you even being born, but it is amazing how quickly that bond has grown once I was able to see your handsome face and experience your ginormous personality!
To say you have personality is an understatement!  You are curious and persistent and cuddly and silly. You make me smile with you every action.  You are always on the go, discovering new things every day like pots and pans and toilet water and the phone.  You ride around on my back experiencing the world with new eyes.  And the hair pulling, oh the hair pulling!
You are standing unassisted now, and using the objects all around you to scale and push.  You will be running before we know it.  You love to "clean up", constantly closing cupboards and doors behind us.  Everything has a place in your world.  You fear the vacuum, though!
We have spent our first whole day apart from each other this month.  Mommy and Daddy got to go out for a child-less Valentines day dinner while you spent the day with Grandma and Papa.  We will have to entertain the idea of us spending even more days apart, as you will soon be a year old and I will be heading back to work. I am blessed to be spending this year with you, and promise that I don't take a single moment for granted, because all too quickly, that moment has passed.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

8 months

A new year and another month older, baby boy.  You are growing way too quickly, but with each passing month comes new milestones and lots more fun.
This month was filled with excitement as we celebrated our first Christmas together as a family of three.  You discovered wrapping paper and new toys and renewed the sense of youthfulness in us all.
Aside from the festivities, I am now having a hard time keeping up to you as you are crawling like crazy and scaling everything.  It won't be long until you take off running.  With a new perspective on the world, you have discovered new curiosities.  It is safe to say that we now have to baby-proof everything!  Your favourite fascinations are the toilet and cupboard doors and drawers.
You continue to challenge both me an your daddy with your sleep routine.  We have been trying very hard to get you to sleep in your crib, but you clearly have other ideas.  You are perfectly content snuggled in between us both all night long.  We, on the other hand are feeling quite crowded with your flailing limbs and constant reliance on your own "all night buffet".
This month your smile grew a little brighter with the addition of three more teeth.  It's safe to say that that smile of yours is quite contagious now!
Two thirds of a year old, your first birthday is slowly creeping in on us.  When we look back, it seems like just yesterday that I held my new baby boy in my arms, but it also seems like you have been a part of us forever.  Needless to say, you are ours for keeps!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

7 months

The months fly by and you continue to grow.  Sometimes I put you down for a nap and swear you are bigger when you awake.
This week, tragedy has reminded us how precious you are and how lucky we are to watch you grow.  Your every action makes me smile.  You have taught yourself how to move, and although you haven't yet mastered crawling, the army crawl works just fine.  You are constantly tugging at my legs, trying to pull yourself up.  You are a talking machine, blabbing "Up", "Ma Ma" and "Baa Baa", which we are pretty sure means "Dada".  We can't be sure that your words have taken meaning yet, but you always seem to choose the right word at the correct time.  Genius, perhaps?
You are now eating a good variety of "solid" foods.  And oranges, how you love those oranges.  You would eat mandarin oranges for every meal if we allowed it.  We can't feed them to you quickly enough!
The biggest change that we have seen this month, though, is in your social skills.  Where for the last 6 months, you were perfectly content with only your mom, this month we have watched you get excited to see your dad come home from work, squealing and grabbing for him to pick you up.  You have also gained confidence with others as well, and if one catches you at the right time, you may even reach out for them to hold you!
Five months shy of a year, I constantly ponder where the time has gone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Hairy Situation

Perhaps not my most eloquent reappearance on this blog, but remember when I mentioned that if my hair didn't stop shedding, I may seriously chop it all off? Well needless to say, that day is nearing. This is what I found at the foot of my bed today when stripping it to wash the sheets (which I swear get washed regularly!).

Monday, November 19, 2012

6 months

Half a year-where has the time gone?  You are now 6 months old and full of personality.  You do so many things that make us smile and laugh. You smack your lips, laugh out loud, scream at the top of your lungs, chew on your toes and reach for absolutely everything!  You are such a curious little boy.  You love to touch and taste everything around you.  Your favourites are the remote control and mommy and daddy's cell phones. 
This month, you have learned to sit up on your own.  You are threatening to crawl every day, and have mastered the art of going around in circles and "leaping" at something that catches your eye from a sitting position.  You went swimming for your first time and loved it.  
You have started on solid foods, and love it when you have the opportunity to feed yourself!  Your favourites so far are bananas, mangoes and carrots.
We have to be especially quiet when you are eating, because you would MUCH rather see everything that is going on around you!  You pay close attention to ensure that your mom is always near, and I must admit, that we both might have a bit of separation anxiety!  
We are seeing so much of ourselves in you-from your daddy's temper, to your mommy's ability to always get your way!  We love to imagine the boy that you are becoming!